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Lars Holmgren's Group

The research group of Lars Holmgren has focused its efforts into understanding the mechanisms by which blood vessels are established.

Our research niche is the discovery of the angiomotin family of proteins that play distinct roles during de novo vascularization. Recently, we have also provided evidence that the Amot family plays an important role during tumorigenesis as well. Our overall goal is to understand the molecular pathways involved in the formation of functional vessels and other tube forming organs and to target these pathways in cancer.

Group members

Lars Holmgren, Professor
Evelyn Hutterer, Post doc
Aarren Mannion, Post doc
Yuanyuan Zhang, PhD student
Aravindh Subramani, PhD student
Weiyingqi Cui, PhD student
Pedro Fonseca, PhD student
Yumeng Zhang, PhD student