Andreas Lundqvist's Group

Tumor immunology. Our research focuses to understand mechanisms of immune escape in solid tumors.

Andreas Lundqvist research group

The immune system plays an important role to prevent local growth and dissemination of cancer. Therapies based on activating the immune system, in particular T and NK cells, result in beneficial responses in patients with cancer. In order to harness the full potential of the immune system T and NK cells need to colonize tumors as well as to display optimal tumor killing potential. We investigate the ability of T and NK cells to migrate towards tumors, to persist within the tumor microenvironment, and to maintain the ability to and recognize and kill tumor cells. We study how T and NK cells interact with cells within the tumor microenvironment and exploit cellular and molecular mechanisms of tumor-induced immunosuppression in order to develop improved immunotherapy regimens in patients with cancer. In these studies, we use different tumor models including renal cell carcinoma, thyroid cancer, neuroblastoma, melanoma, breast cancer, and lung cancer.

Group members

Andreas Lundqvist, Group leader
Le Tong, PhD student
Lisa Liu, Post-doc
Apple Tay, PhD student
Khang Luu, PhD student
Mireia Cruz de los Santos, PhD student


Erik Wennerberg, The Institute of Cancer Research, London
Dhifaf Sarhan, Karolinska Institutet
Veronika Kremer, ‎Novartis
Kristina Witt, Sprint Bioscience
Maria Wolodarski, Karolinska University Hospital
Ziqing Chen, Princeton University
Shi Yong Neo, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore

Selected publications

Phosphodiesterase 4A confers resistance to PGE2-mediated suppression in CD25+ /CD54+ NK cells.
Chen Z, Yang Y, Neo SY, Shi H, Chen Y, Wagner AK, Larsson K, Tong L, Jakobsson PJ, Alici E, Wu J, Cao Y, Wang K, Liu LL, Mao Y, Sarhan D, Lundqvist A
EMBO Rep 2021 Jan;():e51329

Thioredoxin activity confers resistance against oxidative stress in tumor-infiltrating NK cells.
Yang Y, Neo SY, Chen Z, Cui W, Chen Y, Guo M, Wang Y, Xu H, Kurzay A, Alici E, Holmgren L, Haglund F, Wang K, Lundqvist A
J Clin Invest 2020 10;130(10):5508-5522

CD73 immune checkpoint defines regulatory NK cells within the tumor microenvironment.
Neo SY, Yang Y, Record J, Ma R, Chen X, Chen Z, Tobin NP, Blake E, Seitz C, Thomas R, Wagner AK, Andersson J, de Boniface J, Bergh J, Murray S, Alici E, Childs R, Johansson M, Westerberg LS, Haglund F, Hartman J, Lundqvist A
J Clin Invest 2020 03;130(3):1185-1198

Genetic engineering of human NK cells to express CXCR2 improves migration to renal cell carcinoma.
Kremer V, Ligtenberg MA, Zendehdel R, Seitz C, Duivenvoorden A, Wennerberg E, Colón E, Scherman-Plogell AH, Lundqvist A
J Immunother Cancer 2017 09;5(1):73

Zoledronic acid inhibits NFAT and IL-2 signaling pathways in regulatory T cells and diminishes their suppressive function in patients with metastatic cancer.
Sarhan D, Leijonhufvud C, Murray S, Witt K, Seitz C, Wallerius M, Xie H, Ullén A, Harmenberg U, Lidbrink E, Rolny C, Andersson J, Lundqvist A
Oncoimmunology ;6(8):e1338238

IL-15 activates mTOR and primes stress-activated gene expression leading to prolonged antitumor capacity of NK cells.
Mao Y, van Hoef V, Zhang X, Wennerberg E, Lorent J, Witt K, Masvidal L, Liang S, Murray S, Larsson O, Kiessling R, Lundqvist A
Blood 2016 09;128(11):1475-89

Dendritic cell regulation of NK-cell responses involves lymphotoxin-α, IL-12, and TGF-β.
Sarhan D, Palma M, Mao Y, Adamson L, Kiessling R, Mellstedt H, Österborg A, Lundqvist A
Eur J Immunol 2015 Jun;45(6):1783-93

CXCL10-induced migration of adoptively transferred human natural killer cells toward solid tumors causes regression of tumor growth in vivo.
Wennerberg E, Kremer V, Childs R, Lundqvist A
Cancer Immunol Immunother 2015 Feb;64(2):225-35

Human anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cells are sensitive to NK cell-mediated lysis via ULBP2/5/6 and chemoattract NK cells.
Wennerberg E, Pfefferle A, Ekblad L, Yoshimoto Y, Kremer V, Kaminskyy VO, Juhlin CC, Höög A, Bodin I, Svjatoha V, Larsson C, Zedenius J, Wennerberg J, Lundqvist A
Clin Cancer Res 2014 Nov;20(22):5733-44

Inhibition of tumor-derived prostaglandin-e2 blocks the induction of myeloid-derived suppressor cells and recovers natural killer cell activity.
Mao Y, Sarhan D, Steven A, Seliger B, Kiessling R, Lundqvist A
Clin Cancer Res 2014 Aug;20(15):4096-106

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Current Research Funding

  • The Swedish Cancer Society
  • The Cancer Research Funds of Radiumhemmet
  • The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation