Orthopaedics - Karl Eriksson

Karl Eriksson’s research group in trauma and orthopaedic surgery conducts a wide range of clinical and registry-based research projects at the Department of Clinical Science and Education, Södersjukhuset at Karolinska Institutet and Södersjukhuset.

These projects include joint replacement surgery, fracture surgery especially in osteoporosis-related fractures, soft-tissue injuries of the knee, spine surgery and hand surgery. The main aim of the projects is to evaluate the factors that influence the functional outcome and quality of life in order to improve the outcome in these conditions. 

Karl Eriksson

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Björn Barenius

Richard Blomfeldt

Ted Eneqvist

Karl Eriksson

Christoffer Von Essen

Uffe Hylin

Piotr Kasina

Lasse Lapidus

Leif Mattisson

Pierre Rotzius

Johanna Rundgren

Eric Rydman

PhD students

Alexander Hallgren

Osama Omar

Lina Sjödin

Hanna Südow

Annika Tiliander

Katja Wallander

Research Nurse

Elisabeth Skogman


Sari Ponzer


Joint replacement surgery

Each year thousands of Swedish patients are operated with joint replacement of the hip, knee or shoulder. The commonest two causes for these surgeries are osteoarthritis and fractures involving these joints. The research group aims to study how patient’s factors such age, gender, weight, medical diseases, functional status would affect the functional outcome, quality of life and perioperative complications. One project will also evaluate the outcome of a new type of shoulder replacement while in another project who work-related factors would influence the incidence of different types of surgical interventions in the upper limbs.

More information: Arkan Sayed-Noor MD, PhD, Professor

Wrist fractures

Wrist fractures are common and the treatment is controversial. The interpretation of the outcome of the various treatment procedures is complicated by the wide range of patient expectation, from the young and active to the sedentary and non-active patient.

The research group is running three randomized trials to compare different fixation techniques and different anesthetic methods. The patients are followed, evaluated and compared utilizing modern Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) instruments together with clinical outcome measures.

More information: Cecilia Mellstrand-Navarro, MD, PhD, Johanna Rundgren, MD, PhD, Hanna Südow, MD, PhD student.

Recovery after whiplash injuries of the neck

The associations between genetic factors, insurance company involvement and radiological factors and the risk of non-recovery after trauma are poorly investigated nor understood. In several studies on patient cohorts with traffic accidents, the research group investigates the relationship between different factors associated with recovery after injuries. The aims are to identify people with acute whiplash injuries who are at risk for non-recovery. The group is also performing a RCT to investigate whether an intervention in the form of an information film can result in better recovery.

More information: Eric Rydman, MD, PhD

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction

ACL injury is a common sports related injury where the patient will experience instability of the knee joint which may prevent sporting activities. ACL construction is a common procedure to remedy this.

The research group runs several studies focusing on the methods and timing of ACL reconstruction as well on osteoarthritis following ACL-reconstruction.

More information: Björn Barenius, MD, PhD, Karl Eriksson, MD, PhD, Ass. professor


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