Emergency care - Katarina Bohm

Overall, the research within the group is about emergency medicine that extends to contact and management at the emergency medical call center, assessment and treatment in the ambulance and at the emergency department. The focus is to promote a patient-safe identification of disease states in the various parts of the healthcare chain, which in turn enables adequate treatment.

The research includes studies on sepsis, that is, a serious illness that is triggered by an infection. It shows up with many different symptoms that make it difficult to make the right diagnosis and then makes the right treatment difficult, which can have serious and costly consequences. Furthermore, so-called nonspecific symptoms are examined from different perspectives, these are most common among the elderly. About one-third of this group of patients develop serious illness that requires treatment within the first 24 hours. Further studies are carried out within assessment and management at the emergency medical call center, the first link in the emergency care chain, which affects the patient's care right into the hospital. Please read more in Swedish.