Anaesthesia - Maria Cronhjort

At the department of Anaesthesia and Intensive care, clinicians conduct research within the field of anesthesia/perioperative care and intensive care. The proximity of patient care enables identification of clinical important research questions as well as facilitates the implementation of recent/new research results.

The main goal of the research is to improve care, treatment and outcomes for the critically ill and/or operated patients through clinical studies. The department also holds a clinical research unit with two employed research nurses with high competence and experience in patient-centered clinical research, study monitoring and complex data collection and biobanking. The unit has a well-structured system for study monitoring and follow-up.

Research Group leader

Research group

Anna Augustsén, MD

Elisabeth Andersson, MD

Anca Balintescu, MD

Jacob Broms, MD

Jens Christensen, MD

Mattias Günther, MD, PhD

Eva Joelsson-Alm, CCRN, PhD

Sandra Jonmarker, MD

Rebecka Rubenson Wahlin, MD, PhD

Anna Schandl, CCRN, PhD

Fredrik Sjöberg, CCRN, Research nurse

Christer Svensén, MD, PhD, Professor Emeritus

Gisela Vogel, CCRN

Olof Wall, MD


Audrius Andrijauskas, MD, PhD, Vilnius

Mike Kinsky, MD, UTMB Health, Texas

Husong Li, MD, PhD, UTMB Health, Texas

Industry connections

Masimo, Inc



Fresenius KABI

Research projects

More study-specific information about each project can be found on the individual researcher’s profile page

Anaesthesia/perioperative care

Fluid therapy and hemodynamics - Maria Cronhjort, Christer Svensén

Airway management - Mattias Günther

Blockades for perioperative pain relief - Rebecka Rubensson Wahlin

Intensive care

Fluid treatment in sepsis - Maria Cronhjort, Eva Joelsson-Alm

Long-term follow-up after critical illness - Eva Joelsson-Alm, Anna Schandl

Monitoring of patients in the ward - Eva Joelsson-Alm, Christer Svensén

Treatment of critically ill patients with Covid-19 - Maria Cronhjort, Rebecka Rubensson Wahlin, Mattias Günther, Eva Joelsson-Alm, Anna Schandl, Christer Svensén

Oxygen project on septic pig - Mattias Günther, Christer Svensén

Emergency care/Prehospital care

Sepsis, early detection and treatment - Maria Cronhjort, Eva Joelsson-Alm

Acute Assessment and Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury - Rebecka Rubenson Wahlin

Sepsis, early detection and treatment in ambulance care - Rebecka Rubenson Wahlin

PhD-projects where researchers in our group are supervisors

Detailed project information is provided on each PhD student's profile page

Health-related quality of life and patient experiences during and after intensive care - Gisela Vogel

Effects of fluid therapy - Olof Wall

Undiagnosed diabetes in critically ill patients - Anca Balintescu

Treatment of critically ill patients with sepsis and Covid-19 - Sandra Jonmarker

Respiratory management in emergency situations - Jacob Broms

Blockades for perioperative pain relief - Anna Augustsén

Noradrenaline peripherally administered during surgery - Jens Christensen

Sepsis; early detection and treatment - Cristian Duré

Person-centered care after surgical treatment of window disease - Sara Haile

Advanced airway management. PHAAM (prehospital advanced airway management) - Tomas Karlsson

Mechanical hemostasis in case of catastrophic bleeding - Albin Dahlquist

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and Intensive care - Akil Awad

Patient safety and acute illness during a pandemic - Karin Berggren

Prediction models for bleeding and chronic symptoms after mild traumatic brain injury - Li Yang

Identification and treatment of sepsis in ambulance care - Lara Reeves


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Lower vs Higher Fluid Volumes During Initial Management of Sepsis: A Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis and Trial Sequential Analysis.
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