Anaesthesia - Christer Svensén

Christer Svensén and his research group studies the effects of cardiovascular monitoring and fluid treatment for patients prior to, during and after surgery. Moreover, the group is also dedicated to study the impact of sepsis on cardiovascular performance.

Hydration based on blood pressure and urine production has often led to the patient storing unnecessary fluids, which affects both morbidity and mortality. Studies are conducted of infusion solutions' distribution in the body during different pathological conditions, and of non-invasive methods to assess a patient's fluid status and hydration in connection with sepsis and septic shock.

Research Group leader

Christer Svensen

MD, PhD, Professor

Research group

Anna Augustsén, MD

Elisabeth Andersson, MD

Anca Balintescu, MD

Jacob Broms, MD

Jens Christensen, MD

Maria Cronhjort, MD, PhD

Eva Joelsson-Alm, CCRN, PhD

Sandra Jonmarker, MD

Rebecka Rubenson Wahlin, MD, PhD

Fredrik Sjöberg, CCRN, Research nurse

Gisela Vogel, CCRN

Olof Wall, MD


Anna Schandl, CCRN, PhD

Audrius Andrijauskas, MD, PhD, Vilnius

Mattias Gunther, MD, PhD

Mike Kinsky, MD, UTMB Health, Texas

Husong Li, MD, PhD, UTMB Health, Texas

Industry connections

Masimo, Inc



Fresenius KABI


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