Selected publications from Developmental and Translational Neurobiology group.

Selected Publications

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* Equal contribution
# Corresponding author

Cell-Type-Specific Impact of Glucocorticoid Receptor Activation on the Developing Brain: A Cerebral Organoid Study.
Cruceanu C#, Dony L, Krontira AC, Fischer DS, Roeh S, Di Giaimo R, Kyrousi C, Kaspar L, Arloth J, Czamara D, Gerstner N, Martinelli S, Wehner S, Breen MS, Koedel M, Sauer S, Sportelli V, Rex-Haffner M, Cappello S, Theis FJ, Binder EB
Am J Psychiatry 2022 05;179(5):375-387

Reliability of a novel approach for reference-based cell type estimation in human placental DNA methylation studies.
Dieckmann L, Cruceanu C, Lahti-Pulkkinen M, Lahti J, Kvist T, Laivuori H, Sammallahti S, Villa PM, Suomalainen-König S, Rancourt RC, Plagemann A, Henrich W, Eriksson JG, Kajantie E, Entringer S, Braun T, Räikkönen K, Binder EB, Czamara D
Cell Mol Life Sci 2022 Feb;79(2):115

scPower accelerates and optimizes the design of multi-sample single cell transcriptomic studies.
Schmid KT, Höllbacher B, Cruceanu C, Böttcher A, Lickert H, Binder EB, Theis FJ, Heinig M
Nat Commun 2021 11;12(1):6625

The Fetal Functional Connectome Offers Clues for Early Maturing Networks and Implications for Neurodevelopmental Disorders.
Krontira AC, Cruceanu C#
J Neurosci 2020 06;40(23):4436-4438

Genetics of Resilience: Gene-by-Environment Interaction Studies as a Tool to Dissect Mechanisms of Resilience.
Elbau IG, Cruceanu C, Binder EB
Biol Psychiatry 2019 09;86(6):433-442

Rare susceptibility variants for bipolar disorder suggest a role for G protein-coupled receptors.
Cruceanu C, Schmouth JF, Torres-Platas SG, Lopez JP, Ambalavanan A, Darcq E, Gross F, Breton B, Spiegelman D, Rochefort D, Hince P, Petite JM, Gauthier J, Lafrenière RG, Dion PA, Greenwood CM, Kieffer BL, Alda M, Turecki G, Rouleau GA
Mol Psychiatry 2018 10;23(10):2050-2056

Stress-Related Memory Impairments Are Modulated by the Synergistic Action of Stress Hormones: Implications for PTSD.
Matosin N, Cruceanu C#
J Neurosci 2017 04;37(16):4225-4227

Dysregulation of the glutamatergic receptors after antidepressant treatment in human neural progenitor cells.
Cruceanu C*, Lopez JP, Tsai WT, Turecki G
Mol Psychiatry 2017 09;22(9):1228-1229

DNA hypomethylation of Synapsin II CpG islands associates with increased gene expression in bipolar disorder and major depression.
Cruceanu C, Kutsarova E, Chen ES, Checknita DR, Nagy C, Lopez JP, Alda M, Rouleau GA, Turecki G
BMC Psychiatry 2016 08;16(1):286

Transcriptome sequencing of the anterior cingulate in bipolar disorder: dysregulation of G protein-coupled receptors.
Cruceanu C*, Tan PP, Rogic S, Lopez JP, Torres-Platas SG, Gigek CO, Alda M, Rouleau GA, Pavlidis P, Turecki G
Am J Psychiatry 2015 Nov;172(11):1131-40

No evidence for GADL1 variation as a bipolar disorder susceptibility factor in a Caucasian lithium-responsive cohort.
Cruceanu C, Alda M, Dion PA, Turecki G, Rouleau GA
Am J Psychiatry 2015 Jan;172(1):94-5

Evidence for increased microglial priming and macrophage recruitment in the dorsal anterior cingulate white matter of depressed suicides.
Torres-Platas SG, Cruceanu C, Chen GG, Turecki G, Mechawar N
Brain Behav Immun 2014 Nov;42():50-9

Family-based exome-sequencing approach identifies rare susceptibility variants for lithium-responsive bipolar disorder.
Cruceanu C, Ambalavanan A, Spiegelman D, Gauthier J, Lafrenière RG, Dion PA, Alda M, Turecki G, Rouleau GA
Genome 2013 Oct;56(10):634-40

Epigenetic regulation of synapsin genes in mood disorders.
Cruceanu C, Freemantle E, Alda M, Rouleau GA, Turecki G
Neuropsychopharmacology 2013 Jan;38(1):239-41

H3K4 tri-methylation in synapsin genes leads to different expression patterns in bipolar disorder and major depression.
Cruceanu C, Alda M, Nagy C, Freemantle E, Rouleau GA, Turecki G
Int J Neuropsychopharmacol 2013 Mar;16(2):289-99

Synapsin II is involved in the molecular pathway of lithium treatment in bipolar disorder.
Cruceanu C, Alda M, Grof P, Rouleau GA, Turecki G
PLoS One 2012 ;7(2):e32680

Lithium: a key to the genetics of bipolar disorder.
Cruceanu C, Alda M, Turecki G
Genome Med 2009 Aug;1(8):79