Group members Helin Norberg lab

This page shows group members and vacancies.

Picture of Helin Norberg lab's group members, standing next to eachother in Biomedicum.
From left to Right: Vitaly Kaminsky (Researcher), Xun Zhou (Postdoc), Yong Shi (Postdoc), Helin Norberg (PI), Aironas Los (Bachelor Student), Merve Kacal (PhD student, Ellen Olerup (Medical Student). Photo: Elena Kochetkova

Current group members

Helin Norberg – Associate Professor (Research group leader, PI).

Vitaly Kaminsky – Researcher.

Merve Kacal – PhD student.

Yong Shi – Postdoctoral researcher.

Xun Xhou – Postdoctoral researcher.

Aironas Los – Bachelor student.

Ellen Olerup – Medical student.


Lisa Benrejdal – PhD student (Assoc Prof. Peter Bergman Lab, Dept of Laboratory Medicine. KI) (Co-supervisor).


Tingting Yu – Guest researcher, now Assistant Professor (Nanjing Medical University, China).

Amanda Ouchida – Postdoctoral researcher, now at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, USA.

Adi Zheng – Postdoctoral researcher, now at University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Yuqing Hao –  Postdoctoral researcher, now researcher at BeiGene, China.

Tao Cui – Postdoctoral researcher, now researcher at Novartis, China.

Gorba Ambroise – Postdoctoral researcher.

Mathilda Eriksson – Lab manaher, now Research engineer (KI).

Davide Chiesi – Masters student, now at Novartis, Switzerland.

Kristin Uth – Project student, now PhD student (Bern, Switzerland).

Available positions

We are seeking for a highly motivated and innovative postdoctoral scientist.

We welcome applications from well-qualified Masters students.

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