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Our research group aims at developing and expanding the knowledge in the field of ANDTG-prevention (Alcohol, Narcotics, Doping, Tobacco, and Gambling) and related problems. We are researchers with competencies in the areas of public health, psychology, communication sciences, criminology, natural sciences, and social work.

Prevention of Substance Use and Related Problems

The research group is an integral part of STAD (Stockholm Prevents Alcohol and Drug Problems) and our research is interdisciplinary and methodologically based on both a quantitative and a qualitative approach.

We conduct applied research based on a systems theory approach to prevention, which includes interdisciplinary and cross-sector collaboration between key stakeholders. In co-production with the stakeholders, we then act to develop, implement and evaluate methods aimed to have an impact on the availability and demand for substances within the community. Evaluation is a key area for our research group. Evaluations are both formative and summative and systematically examine implementation processes and final results of STAD’s prevention work in the society.

A major focus of our research is to evaluate substance use preventive interventions at entertainment venues and interventions targeting at-risk groups such as children who have parents with substance use problems. Effect evaluations as well as process and implementation studies are many times being conducted locally within municipalities, but also at schools, training centers/gyms, and digital environments. 

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Selected Research Projects

  • Development and evaluation of substance use prevention in the nightlife setting
  • Development and evaluation of an alcohol preventive intervention at football arenas
  • Development and evaluation of “100% Pure Hard Training” – a doping preventive intervention at gyms
  • Development and evaluation of digital interventions targeted to adolescents and young adults whose parents have alcohol or drug problems
  • Evaluation of “Group Violence Intervention” – a joint collaborative effort between the Police authorities, The Swedish Prison and Probation Service, and the Social Services to reduce homicide and gun violence
  • Evaluation of the Police authority’s and other stakeholders’ work toward Open Drug Scenes

Selected publications

Feltmann, K., Gripenberg, J., & Elgán, T.H. Compliance checks decrease cigarette sales rates to pseudo-underaged mystery shoppers: A quasi-experimental control group study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022; 19:13161

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Gripenberg Abdon, J., Wallin, E., and Andréasson, S. Long-term effects of a community-based intervention: 5-year follow-up of ‘Clubs against Drugs’. Addiction, 2011; 106(11):1997-2004


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