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Kiehn Laboratory


Ole Kiehn

Telefon: 08-524 839 51
Enhet: Institutionen för neurovetenskap (Neuro), C4

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Research focus

Mammalian Locomotor Laboratory

Research in the laboratory is directed to understand mechanisms by which neurons and neural networks operate to generate complex brain function. We use the rodent as a model system to study the molecular, cellular and network organization of spinal locomotor circuitries, their development and central control in mammals. We apply a broad technical approach that combines electrophysiology and anatomy with molecular mouse genetics, optogenetics and behavioral analyses.

The lab has defined interneuron circuitries controlling left-right coordination and characterized inhibitory and excitatory interneuron networks engaged in pattern formation. A distinct aim of current work is to identify core circuits generating the rhythm and descending locomotor command systems and their integration in the locomotor network.

The lab is also engaged in characterizing plasticity in spinal networks and motor neurons following lesions of the cord and to devise targeted manipulation of these changes to alleviate dysfunctional motor symptoms following spinal cord injury.

Gait patterns in mice

Gait patterns in mice.

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Group members

Ole Kiehn - Professor

Charlotta Borgius - Senior lab manager

Vanessa Ribeiro Caldeira - PhD student

Peter Löw - Senior research fellow

Natalie Sleiers - Research assistant

Adolfo Edgardo Talpalar - Research engineer

Ann Charlotte Westerdahl - Lab Manager

Carmelo Bellardita - Postdoc

Vittorio Caggiano - Postdoc

Roberto Leiras - Postdoc