Research group Rickard Malmström

Our clinical pharmacological research focuses on the rational use of medicines, i.e. effective and safe use of medicines, with optimized benefits both for the individual patient and the society.

Clinical Pharmacology

We conduct broad clinical pharmacological research with both experimental and observational methods. An overall goal of our research is to promote a rational use of medicines with a focus on both individual and societal benefits. Some of our aims and focus areas include: Coagulation and individualized treatment with new generation anticoagulants, Pain and optimized pain treatment, Drug utilization and opportunities for wise choice of drugs in different parts of healthcare including university hospital settings, drug use among the elderly and gender pharmacology.

Group members

Rickard Malmström

Adjunct senior lecturer, research group leader

Fadiea Al-Aieshy, PhD student

Lena Bergqvist, Afilliated to researh

Paul Hjemdahl , Professor

Pierre Lafolie, Lecturer senior

Pauline Raaschou, Med Dr. Afilliated to researh

Diana Rydberg , Med Dr. Afilliated to researh

Carl-Olav Stiller, Docent, Afilliated to researh

Helena Sundvall, PhD student

Sigurd Vitols, Affiliated to teaching/tutoring