Clinical Epidemiology

At the Division of Clinical Epidemiology (KEP), we combine clinical, epidemiological, and biostatistical expertise with the aim to improve the understanding and treatment of a broad range of medical conditions.

We perform translational, clinical and epidemiological research in order to improve our understanding of the occurrence of disease and of how to predict disease onset, but mainly to improve clinical care, for instance by addressing questions related to the benefits and risks of treatment.

Our research is often based on clinical or other registers, linked with information from the medical file, questionnaires, or biological specimens

The Division of Clinical Epidemiology organises and house the Karolinska Institutet/Region Stockholm Research school for clinicians in epidemiology.

Also located at the division is the Centre for Pharmacoepidemiology (CPE).

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Organizational affiliation: Clinical Epidemiology (KEP) is a division at the Department of Medicine, Solna (MedS).

Administrative support: If you are employed at, affiliated with, or have a case linked to the division, please contact the division's administrators.

Visiting address: Eugeniahemmet, entrance T2, T3 och T4. Maria Aspmans gata 16, Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset Solna.

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Johan Askling

Head of division, Professor

Pernilla Appelquist

Division Administrator
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Helena Nord

Division Administrator