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Sten Linnarsson Group

Our research focuses on single-cell biology, in particular applying single-cell expression analysis to discover the cell types and lineages of the mouse nervous system. The long-term goal of our research is to map the stable cellular states (‘cell types’) that mammalian organs are made of, and to understand the regulatory networks that induce and maintain them. To achieve these goals, we have developed technologies for extremely sensitive and accurate detection of RNA in single cells. We use advanced molecular biology, large-scale DNA sequencing, microfluidics and imaging.


Sten Linnarsson

Telefon: 08-524 875 77
Enhet: Sten Linnarssons grupp

More information at Linnarsson Lab's site.

Research group

Lars BormDoktorand
Emelie BraunDoktorand
Simone CodeluppiForskarassistent
Miri Danan GottholdPostdoc
Lijuan HuForskningsingenjör
Anna JohnssonSenior lab manager
Gioele La MannoAnknuten
Sten LinnarssonProfessor
Peter LönnerbergForskningsingenjör
Camiel MannensDoktorand, Forskarstuderande
Alejandro Mossi AlbiachDoktorand, Forskarstuderande
Kimberly SilettiPostdoc
Elin VinslandPostdoc