Ping Chen research group

We work on data-driven research in human cardiometabolic diseases.

We aim to integrate longitudinal patient data, cutting-edge multi-omics technologies, and novel computational approaches to monitor individual disease progression and dissect the underlying disease-driving mechanisms. In particular, we are interested in the roles of immune cells (macrophages, monocytes, dendritic cells, etc.) and RNA splicing-centric transcriptional regulation in disease progression.

Currently, we focus on obesity and its associated metabolic diseases, especially non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and diabetes.

Research group leader Ping Chen

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Ping Chen

Assistant Professor

Group members

Jingyang Niu

Postdoctoral Studies
Department of Laboratory Medicine
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Sebastian Nock

Affiliated to Research
Department of Laboratory Medicine

Julia Balewska

Research techniques

Single-cell omics, Spatial omics, Mass spectrometry, Bioinformatics, Artificial intelligence.

External funding

Region Stockholm CIMED, Jeanssons Stiftelser and Karolinska Institutet.

Selected publications

Macrophage functional diversity in NAFLD - more than inflammation.
Barreby E, Chen P, Aouadi M
Nat Rev Endocrinol 2022 Aug;18(8):461-472

Hepatic miR-144 Drives Fumarase Activity Preventing NRF2 Activation During Obesity.
Azzimato V, Chen P, Barreby E, Morgantini C, Levi L, Vankova A, Jager J, Sulen A, Diotallevi M, Shen JX, Miller A, Ellis E, Rydén M, Näslund E, Thorell A, Lauschke VM, Channon KM, Crabtree MJ, Haschemi A, Craige SM, Mori M, Spallotta F, Aouadi M
Gastroenterology 2021 Dec;161(6):1982-1997.e11

Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals the mesangial identity and species diversity of glomerular cell transcriptomes.
He B*, Chen P*, Zambrano S, Dabaghie D, Hu Y, Möller-Hackbarth K, Unnersjö-Jess D, Korkut GG, Charrin E, Jeansson M, Bintanel-Morcillo M, Witasp A, Wennberg L, Wernerson A, Schermer B, Benzing T, Ernfors P, Betsholtz C, Lal M, Sandberg R, Patrakka J
Nat Commun 2021 Apr;12(1):2141

Single-cell RNA counting at allele and isoform resolution using Smart-seq3.
Hagemann-Jensen M, Ziegenhain C, Chen P, Ramsköld D, Hendriks GJ, Larsson AJM, Faridani OR, Sandberg R
Nat Biotechnol 2020 Jun;38(6):708-714

Liver macrophages inhibit the endogenous antioxidant response in obesity-associated insulin resistance.
Azzimato V*, Jager J*, Chen P*, Morgantini C, Levi L, Barreby E, Sulen A, Oses C, Willerbrords J, Xu C, Li X, Shen JX, Akbar N, Haag L, Ellis E, Wålhen K, Näslund E, Thorell A, Choudhury RP, Lauschke VM, Rydén M, Craige SM, Aouadi M
Sci Transl Med 2020 Feb;12(532):

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