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Large-scale network connectivity in the human brain

The focus of our research group is aimed at studying the neuronal network architecture that underlay human brain function (the human brain connectome). We apply functional connectivity MRI, structural connectivity (diffusion-weighted) MRI as well as EEG/MEG methods to study the hierarchical network organization of the human brain at rest as well as during task performance. In particular, we perform research to understand the interaction between the ubiquitous spontaneous oscillations in the brain and its relation to variability in one's state of mind and task performance.

Together with collaborative partners at the Karolinska Hospital, we apply a network approach to study the effects of brain trauma as well as neurodevelopmental disorders on the human connectome. The developmental of cortical networks is a central theme in our research and we were the first group to show the functional large-scale cortical network architecture in the infant human brain.

Research Projects

  • Traumatic brain injury and intrinsic connectivity
  • Cortical development measured using rs-fmri and EEG
  • Behaviour and large-scale cortical connectivity
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders and the human connectome

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Group members

Peter FranssonResearch team leader, Professor
Neda KaboodvandGraduate Student
William ThompsonAssociated, Postdoc