Enric Llorens Group

Our lab aims to promote regeneration in the central nervous system using a multidisciplinary approach that involves stem cell biology, systems biology, computational biology, molecular engineering and mouse models of disease.

Microscop image of stemcells in magenta and cyan.
Resident neural stem cells (magenta) redirected to repair the injured spinal cord. Photo: Enric Llorens

Research lines

Engineering therapeutic cell types in vivo

We are using molecular engineering to elicit regenerative glio- and neurogenesis from resident cells using the mouse spinal cord as a model system.

Synthetic gene circuits for regeneration

We aim to understand how cells in the mammalian brain and spinal cord respond to an injury and use this knowledge to develop the next generation of synthetic gene circuits for tissue regeneration while opening the door to develop programmable regenerative therapies.

Spatial genomics

We are developing technologies for spatially resolved molecular profiling to support our research lines. This allows us to interrogate how cells ‘talk’ to each when tissue homeostasis is perturbed and identify the molecular programs underlying pathological cell states within their native neural tissue environment.

Portrait of a man.
Enric Llorens, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology. Photo: Johan Marklund


  • Single cell genomics
  • Spatial genomics
  • Computational biology
  • Gene delivery
  • Mouse models of CNS injury

Research support

  • Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research Future Leaders
  • Swedish Research Council Starting Grant
  • StratNeuro Startup Grant

Group Members

Selected Publications

Solid-phase capture and profiling of open chromatin by spatial ATAC.
Llorens-Bobadilla E, Zamboni M, Marklund M, Bhalla N, Chen X, Hartman J, Frisén J, Ståhl PL
Nat Biotechnol 2023 Jan;():

A latent lineage potential in resident neural stem cells enables spinal cord repair.
Llorens-Bobadilla E, Chell JM, Le Merre P, Wu Y, Zamboni M, Bergenstråhle J, Stenudd M, Sopova E, Lundeberg J, Shupliakov O, Carlén M, Frisén J
Science 2020 10;370(6512):

A Widespread Neurogenic Potential of Neocortical Astrocytes Is Induced by Injury.
Zamboni M, Llorens-Bobadilla E, Magnusson JP, Frisén J
Cell Stem Cell 2020 10;27(4):605-617.e5

Identification of a discrete subpopulation of spinal cord ependymal cells with neural stem cell properties.
Stenudd M, Sabelström H, Llorens-Bobadilla E, Zamboni M, Blom H, Brismar H, Zhang S, Basak O, Clevers H, Göritz C, Barnabé-Heider F, Frisén J
Cell Rep 2022 03;38(9):110440

Single-Cell Transcriptomics Reveals a Population of Dormant Neural Stem Cells that Become Activated upon Brain Injury.
Llorens-Bobadilla E, Zhao S, Baser A, Saiz-Castro G, Zwadlo K, Martin-Villalba A
Cell Stem Cell 2015 Sep;17(3):329-40

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