Cellular diversity is generated during development, neuronal identity – Johan Holmberg's Group

Our group is interested in two fundamental questions: How is neuronal identity acquired during development and subsequently maintained in the adult? How do errors in the mechanisms governing neuronal differentiation and maintenance affect tumor formation and degenerative processes in the nervous system?

Our research

The vertebrate nervous system consists of a multitude of different cell types each with a unique identity and function. We are interested in how this cellular diversity is generated during development and how the established neuronal identity is subsequently maintained. A particular focus of our research is on how alternative gene programs are permanently silenced. In addition to exploring fundamental mechanisms of neuronal differentiation and identity, our research also aims to understand how errors in these processes can influence tumor formation and cellular degeneration in the nervous system. We mainly utilize different mouse models both to investigate the mechanisms underlying regulation of neuronal identity and nervous system tumor formation.


Selected publications