Ibáñez Laboratory


Carlos Ibanez

Organizational unit: Ibanez
E-mail: Carlos.Ibanez@ki.se

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Research Focus

Growth Factor Receptor Signaling and Biology in Nervous System Development and Metabolic Regulation

With a focus on growth factor receptor signaling, we investigate different aspects of nervous system development and metabolic regulation. Currently, our studies center on three different ligand/receptor systems:

  • p75 neurotrophin receptor and neurotrophin family ligands
  • GFRα1, Ret and NCAM receptors and GDNF family ligands
  • TGF-β superfamily receptors ALK7 and ALK4 and their ligands Activins and GDFs.

Using these signaling systems as entry points, our goal is to discover novel, general biological principles of broad importance for nervous system development and metabolic functions.

Current topics of investigation

  • Mechanism of p75NTR death receptor activation and downstream signal propagagation
  • Role of GDNF family signaling in nervous system development
  • Mechanisms underlying the development and differentiation of cortical GABAergic interneurons
  • Activin receptor signaling in pancreatic beta-cell function and adipose tissue homeostasis
  • A chemical-genetic approach to study activin receptor signaling in metabolic regulation


Group members

Annika Andersson - Research assistant

Shounak Baksi - Postdoc

Diana Fernandez Suarez - Postdoc

Christina Göngrich - Postdoc

Carlos Ibanez - Professor

Claire Elizabeth Kelly - Postdoc

Lilian Kisiswa - Postdoc

Favio Krapacher - Postdoc

Annalena Moliner - Laboratory engineer

Patricia Mármol Carrasco - Postdoc

Selected publications

Critical role of GFRα1 in the development and function of the main olfactory system.
Marks C, Belluscio L, Ibáñez C
J. Neurosci. 2012 Nov;32(48):17306-20

Genetic dissection of neurotrophin signaling through the p75 neurotrophin receptor.
Charalampopoulos I, Vicario A, Pediaditakis I, Gravanis A, Simi A, Ibáñez C
Cell Rep 2012 Dec;2(6):1563-70

Adipocyte ALK7 links nutrient overload to catecholamine resistance in obesity.
Guo T, Marmol P, Moliner A, Björnholm M, Zhang C, Shokat K, et al
Elife 2014 Aug;3():e03245

Topographical transcriptome mapping of the mouse medial ganglionic eminence by spatially resolved RNA-seq.
Zechel S, Zajac P, Lönnerberg P, Ibáñez C, Linnarsson S
Genome Biol. 2014 ;15(10):486

Structural basis of death domain signaling in the p75 neurotrophin receptor.
Lin Z, Tann J, Goh E, Kelly C, Lim K, Gao J, et al
Elife 2015 Dec;4():e11692