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Sören Lehmann group

Our group is focused on translational research of acute myeloid leukemia, the most common acute leukemia in adults. The aim is to improve the understanding of disease biology as well as to improve outcome for AML patients.

Studies include basic molecular characterization of AML versus normal hematopoeisis with a focus on epigenetic dysregulation and its relation to genetic events and prognosis.

Furthermore, we are leading clinical studies with experimental antileukemic treatment strategies including targeting dysregulation of the p53 pathway as well as of the epigenetic machinery.

We work in close collaboration with other groups at Karolinska Institutet, the Swedish AML group and international collaborators.


Sören Lehmann, Group Leader

Stefan Deneberg, Post-doc
Sofia Bengtzén, BMA
Dina Ali, PhD student
Ying Qu, PhD student

Huthayfa Mujahed, PhD student

Christer Paul, Senior professor
Christer Nilsson, Student