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Hareth Nahi group

Hareth Nahi leads a research program focused on cytogenetic and therapeutic mechanisms in Multiple myeloma (MM).

The research program focuses on cytogenetic and therapeutic mechanisms in Multiple myeloma. The clinical trial program, performed within Nordic Myeloma Study Group for which Hareth Nahi is chair encompasses several phase I, II and III trials and are developed within a strong European network.

We perform a retrospective analysis of prognostic parameters, in particular chromosomal aberrations, related to specific therapies in patients with MM. Identify and isolate specific genes in the chromosome region del(8)(p21) to analyze their tentative importance for the progression of MM. We study the effect of antibodies (Daratumumab and ICAM) and immune therapy (NK-cell infusion) in phase I studies on newly diagnosed ad relapsed/refractory MM patients.

The main interests are:

  1. New and unknown cytogenetic aberrations such 8p21. A specific interest is to understand the gene involved in this region and eventual pathway/s affecting the prognosis of the disease.
  2. Studies of MM genomic in a cohort of 200 MM patients, in collaboration with Lund University hospital.
  3. The third line of research addresses the farmaco-genetics in several studies in collaboration with Linköping University hospital.
  4. Phase I study of CD138 antibody in relapsed and refractory MM in collaboration with MD Anderson medical institute.
  5. Exploring the effect of ICAM-2 antibody in MM patients in collaboration with Dana Farber cancer institute and Lund university hospital.


Hareth Nahi, Group Leader
Gösta Gahrton, Professor and mentor
Katarina Uttervall, PhD student
Johan Andreasson, PhD student
Johan Liwing, PhD student in bioinformatics (not at HERM)
Ann Wallblom, Technician
Birgitta Stellan, Research analyst
Monika Jansson, Lab manager, leg BMA