Evidence-based practice: prevention, intervention and implementation – Pia Enebrink's research group

The research group "Evidence-based practice - prevention, intervention, implementation" conducts research on psychological interventions to reduce the risk of mental illness during childhood, adolescence and adulthood, as well as how organizational factors and working conditions in the workplace can affect health, behaviour, quality and safety.

Evidence-based interventions: prevention, treatment, implementation

The aim of the group's preventive and treatment-oriented projects is to evaluate methods and interventions with the goal of helping children, adolescents, their parents, and other adults to maintain and develop good mental and physical health. Treatments being evaluated are primarily based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), as well as systemic and functional family theory. Two of the work-oriented projects examine the working conditions in aviation and their consequences for the mental health and flight safety of flight personnel, with the aim of developing preventive interventions with high ecological validity.

Ongoing research projects 

Universal parent support, Parent Web. Randomized controlled study of a universal parent support program. 

STOPPA Bas. Project evaluating feasibility, experience, and effects of DBT treatment for sexual abuse. 

The PIA-project. Project to promote integration and adaptation among newly arrived youth and their parents. A collaboration with researchers at Örebro University (principal investigator). 

Evaluation of parent support within the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. The parent intervention currently offered to parents in Swedish prisons, "For the Sake of Our Children," is being evaluated in a controlled study. The evaluation focuses on the intervention's effect on the quality of parent-child relationships, parenting, and attitudes toward crime. 

Safer Children. A randomized controlled study of the Safer Children intervention targeting caregivers reported to social services for suspected violence or abuse against children.

How to scale up parent support? An implementation study involving approximately 100 municipalities that regularly work with parent support programs ABC and Komet. The main question of the study is to investigate how quality and effects are affected by an educational model enabling broader dissemination of the programs. 

How does internet-based parent support work in practice? An implementation study evaluating the effects of internet-based Komet when the program is used in regular practices. 

Parent support for parents of teenagers. A randomized controlled study with a universal target group where participants are randomized to either group parent support (ABC-Teen), online parent support (Parent Web), or a waitlist. 

Parent support for parents with ADHD. A study of an adapted parent intervention targeting parents diagnosed with ADHD. 

Sustainable aviation safety - method development and interventions to measure, change, and prevent (organizational) risks in aviation. The project aims to identify factors of risk behaviors in pilots' organizational context and develop proactive interventions in flight safety work. 

Sustainable aviation safety - focusing on cabin crew from a risk and safety perspective. The project examines the relationships between new employment and working conditions in commercial aviation with respect to cabin crew health and consequences for passenger and flight safety.


Selected publications

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