Mats J. Olsson's research group

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Human olfaction

The overall aims of Mats J. Olssons groups research is to understand how we perceive different odorants, and how these characteristics feed into later cognitive stages of processing, such as memory and metacognition. Moreover, Mats J. Olssons group investigate how exposure to body odor affect our mood, behavior, and physiology.

Research projects

  • How are odorous substances integrated perceptually?
  • What can body odor communicate?

Selected publications

Nosewitness identification: Effects of negative emotion.
Alho, L., Soares, S. C., Ferreira. J., Rocha, M., Silva, C. F., & Olsson M. J.
PLOS ONE, 2015 10(1): e0116706.

The scent of disease: Human body odor contains an early chemosensory cue of sickness.
Olsson, M J, Lundström, J N, Kimball, B A, Gordon, A G, Karshikoff, B, Hosseini, N, Sorjonen, K, et al
Psychological Science, 2014 25(3), 817–823

Mind over age--stereotype activation and olfactory function.
Miller S, Gordon A, Olsson M, Lundström J, Dalton P
Chem. Senses 2013 Feb;38(2):167-74

The smell of age: perception and discrimination of body odors of different ages.
Mitro S, Gordon A, Olsson M, Lundström J
PLoS ONE 2012 ;7(5):e38110

The testing effect as a function of explicit testing instructions and judgments of learning.
Jönsson F, Hedner M, Olsson M
Exp Psychol 2012 Jan;59(5):251-7

Olfactory working memory: effects of verbalization on the 2-back task.
Jönsson F, Møller P, Olsson M
Mem Cognit 2011 Aug;39(6):1023-32


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