Federico Pietrocola's group

In the lab, we investigate how cellular responses to stress (e.g., autophagy, senescence) contribute to organismal ageing and age-associated pathologies.

The long-term goal of our research is to implement lifestyle/pharmacological interventions to slow down the ageing process and improve ageing-related phenotypes (e.g., regeneration after injury, chronic inflammation, systemic metabolic alterations).

We currently have three ongoing projects:

  • To develop anti-senescence immunotherapies: We aim to unravel the immunological mechanisms that enable senescent cells to escape immune clearance and accumulate in tissues during ageing, tissue fibrosis and neoplastic transformation. We endeavour to identify ‘druggable’ Senescence Associated Immune Checkpoints (SAICs) molecules to trigger the immune system-mediated elimination of senescent cells.
  • To identify metabolic vulnerabilities of senescent cells: We use bulk and single cells metabolomics to define perturbations in metabolic networks that specifically define the senescent state. We are currently focusing on the role of polyamines metabolism in the regulation of the senescent phenotype.
  • To discover pharmacological agents able to target multiple hallmarks of ageing:  We deploy high-content fluorescence microscopy to identify food-derived compounds endowed with the capacity to (i) improve cellular proteostasis, (ii) boost mitochondrial function, (iii) limit chronic inflammation, and (iv) selectively kill senescent cells.

Lab Members

Federico Pietrocola

Group leader and Assistant Professor

I obtained my PhD Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology (Paris XI University, France) in 2015. After a two-years postdoc in Guido Kroemer’s lab (Cordeliers Research Institute, Paris, France), I joined the laboratory of Manuel Serrano under a prestigious EMBO Long-Term Postdoctoral Fellowship. In 2020, I have started my independent research career at Karolinska Institutet, Department of Biosciences and Nutrition.

Francesca Castoldi


I obtained my PhD degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology in 2018 (Paris-Saclay University, France) in the laboratory of Guido Kroemer. In 2021, I joined the Pietrocola’s lab as a postdoc. In the lab, I study (i) the immunological mechanisms that allow senescent cells to accumulate in damaged tissues; and (ii) the effect of genetic/pharmacological targeting of polyamines metabolism in the regulation of senescence. I currently receive support from the Eva & Alex Wallström Foundation, the Blanceflor Foundation and SSMF Post-doctoral Grant.

Chiara Annunziata


I obtained my PhD in Pharmacology in 2020 (University of Naples Federico II, Italy) in the laboratory of Rosaria Meli. In 2021, I joined the Pietrocola’s lab as a postdoc under a competitive STAR Program Fellowship. In the lab, I am specifically interested in identifying food-derived compounds that improve multiple aspects of cellular ageing. Furthermore, I am investigating the role of senescent cells in the stromal compartment of lung cancer.

Yvonne Giannoula

PhD student

Selected publications

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