Federico Pietrocola's group

In the lab, we aim to elucidate the role of cellular responses to stress (including, but not limited to, autophagy and cellular senescence) in the maintenance/alteration of tissue homeostasis.

In particular, we are interested in understanding how pharmacological or genetic perturbations of these pathways influence the pathogenesis and the response to therapy in settings of cancer and other ageing-associated disorders (i.e. tissue fibrosis, metabolic syndrome). Our research activities will be specifically focused on:

  1. Characterisation of Senescence-Associated Immune Checkpoints (SAIC): role of the immune system in the persistence versus clearance of senescent cells in the tumour stroma.
  2. Immune-senolysis: designing novel strategies to promote the elimination of senescent cells by immune cells endowed with cytotoxic activities under conditions of fibrotic damage.
  3. Metabolic modulation of autophagy by Caloric Restriction Mimetics (CRMs): effect on metabolic syndromes and anti-cancer therapy.

Group members

Federico Pietrocola

Group leader and Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Molecular Oncology from Paris XI University (Le Kremlin-Bicetre, France) 2015. After a two-years post-doc in the lab. of Pr. Guido Kroemer at Cordeliers Research Center in Paris ( France), I joined the lab of Manuel Serrano at the Institute of Research in Biomedicine (Barcelona, Spain) in 2018 upon an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship. In 2020, I became a PI at KI.

Chiara Annunziata


Osama Elsallabi

PhD student

Nidhi Nair

MSc student

Yvonne Giannoula

MSc student

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Selected publications

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