Experimental growth research

Failure to grow is common in children with hormonal disorders, chronic disease and following cancer treatment.

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Lars Sävendahl

Research group leader: Professor/överläkare

Longitudinal bone growth takes place in the growth plate which is a layer of cartilage in each end of most bones in the body. Lars Sävendahl and his team have developed new research models and have thereby managed to show how growth regulation takes place at the cellular level. The results have led to the forthcoming introduction of new treatment principles of different growth disorders.

Research projects

  • Modulation of longitudinal bone growth by SERMs - Elham Karimian, MD, PhD
  • Bone development and cancer, Farasat Zaman - BS (Hons), Ph.D
  • Underlying mechanisms and prevention of growth retardation - Dionysios Chrysis, MD, PhD
  • Imaging techniques of the human growth plate - Evaldas Laurencikas, MD, PhD

The research projects are presented more in detail here

PhD projects

  • Tall stature; associated problems and treatment
  • Estrogen actions in growth plate cartilage
  • New treatment of growth failure and osteoporosis caused by glucocorticoids and inflammation
  • GH action in the growth plate, Katja Sundström
  • Short- and long-term safety of childhood growth hormone treatment

The PhD projects are presented more in detail here

Group members

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Farasat Zaman

BS (Hons), PhD

Katja Sundström

MD, PhD student

Dionysios Chrysis, MD, PhD
Elham Karimian, MD, PhD
Ondrej Soucek, Post doc

Research fundings

The projects are supported by the following providers.

  • The Swedish Research Council
  • Karolinska Institutet
  • EU-anslag
  • ALF-medel
  • The Swedish Children´s Cancer Foundation
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