Henrik Druid's Group

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Henrik Druids group at the Department of Oncology and Pathology at KI participates in the teaching at KI, and conducts both basic research and research that aims at improving the diagnostic forensic casework. Several projects implies collaboration with different departments of the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine.


Group members

Principal investigator

Henrik Druid, MD, Professor 
CV Henrik Druid


Ahmed Mousa, Project leader


Kanar Alkass, PhD
Lydia Bennedich Kahn, MD, PhD
Tara Wardi, PhD

PhD Students

Gopalakrishnan Dhanabalan
Lotta Walz
Carl Söderberg
Eric Olsson (main PI: Urban Ösby)
Tor Seldén (main PI: Robert Kronstrand)
Qian Li (main PI: Kirsty Spalding)

Associated group members

Brita Zilg, MD, PhD
Magnus Lundberg, MD, PhD
Daniel Andersson, MD
Katharina l. Sjölin, MD
Nobar Ashjian
Maria Jepsen
Jesus Sanchez Pertz

Former group members

Guest researcher

Sasikala K Nil, Professor (2004)


Hisako Saitoh (2010-2011)
Olof Bendel, PhD (2008-2009)
Fredrik C. Kugelberg, PhD (2005-2006)

PhD students

Joakim Strandberg
Sofi Bäcklin
Lars-Eric Bergman
Kanar Alkass
Evan Reed
Madeleine Granlind
Brita Zilg

Project and exchange students

Sabria Belarbi (2014)
Marina Montmany (2014)
Niklas Sjökvist (2014)
Sandra Koskinen (2013)
Joelle Vos (2013)
Erik Bivehed (2013)
Joan Raouf (2011)
Ann Ståhle (2011)
Jenny Rönnlund (2011)
Sara Hassanzaddeh (2010)
Annika Andersson (2009)
Stephanie Harney (2009)
Hampus Janko (2009)
Anke Böhmer (2008)
Siv Andersson (2008)
Stina Norlin (2008)
Nina Granberg (2008)
Lisen Bredberg (2006)
Midia Hussein (2006)
Brita Zilg (2006)
Aziz Bitar (2005)
Anna Gustavsson (2005)
Elias Malko (2005)
Cecilia Hult (2004)
Peggy Törn (2004)
Elias Palm (2004)
Sofia Hausel (2002)

Research Nurse

Isabella Cereceda (2003-2009)

Selected publications


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