Hans Grönlund´s research group

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Therapeutic Immune Design

In our group we are working on the cure of chronic inflammatory diseases. To our help we have biotechnological methods for the production of proteins for improved diagnostics and treatment.

We are focusing on allergy, asthma and multiple sclerosis (MS). Allergy affects about 25% of the population and it can cause sniffles, eczema and asthma. Our goal is to understand the underlying immunological mechanisms and their impact on the formation of allergical diseases in order to be able to improve diagnostics and to implement curative, efficient short-term treatment without any side effects.

There are more than 1.3 million cats, 730.000 dogs and 350.000 horses in Sweden. Exposure to these animals is, therefore, difficult to avoid. We are examining the allergenic composition among different pets in order to find the answer to the question whether there is such a thing as a non-allergenic fur animal.

MS is characterized by a chronic inflammation in the Central Nervous System (CNS). A little is known about the auto-antigene in MS. The group is working on analyzing possible auto-antigenes in CNS in order to identify bio-markers and to develop immune-therapeutic treatments aiming at recreating tolerance.

Research projects

  • Improved diagnostics and curative treatment of allergy and asthma caused by fur animals
  • Are there hypo allergene fur animals? Allergene profile with dogs and allergy profile with allergic persons
  • Identification of autogenics at MS and tolerance

Selected publications

Vaccination with genetically engineered allergens prevents progression of allergic disease.
Niederberger V, Horak F, Vrtala S, Spitzauer S, Krauth M, Valent P, et al
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2004 Oct;101 Suppl 2():14677-82

Prolonged antigen-exposure with carbohydrate particle based vaccination prevents allergic immune responses in sensitized mice.
Thunberg S, Neimert-Andersson T, Cheng Q, Wermeling F, Bergström U, Swedin L, et al
Allergy 2009 Jun;64(6):919-26

Recombinant Bet v 1 vaccine for treatment of allergy to birch pollen.
Grönlund H, Gafvelin G
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Intralymphatic immunotherapy for cat allergy induces tolerance after only 3 injections.
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Characterization of the dog lipocalin allergen Can f 6: the role in cross-reactivity with cat and horse.
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Allergy 2012 Jun;67(6):751-7

Group members

Klara AsplundBiomedical scientist
Markus BackResearch technician
Jonas BinnmyrAssociated, Postdoc
Guro GafvelinSenior researcher
Hans GrönlundSenior researcher, Research team leader
Erik HolmgrenResearch coordinator
Klas JönssonAssociated
Andreas KaiserResearch coordinator
Knut PetterssonAssociated
Claudia QueirozSenior lab manager
Anna WhitemanPhD student, Graduate Student