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Malaria: molecular epidemiology, immunity and interventions

The malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum is highly polymorphic. The long time to acquire protective immunity may be due to the need to encounter a wide range of parasite variant. Maintenance of such immunity may also depend on persistence of multiclonal infections.

We aim to study the genetic diversity and dynamics of P. falciparum infections in childhood in different transmission settings. We will also assess how new control interventions, e.g. vaccine and intermittent preventive treatment, affect the diversity of infections and the risk of subsequent malaria. Moreover, we will investigate potential immunological mechanisms regulating the diversity of infections. The studies are performed in malaria endemic areas in Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania, as well as in Sweden in patients and immigrants.

Professor, MD, PhD


Anna Färnert

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Team members

Anna Färnert, Professor, Head of Unit

Akua Botwe, PhD student

Peter Jahnmatz, PhD student

Muhammad Asghar, PhD, Post Doctoral fellow

Klara Sondén, MD, PhD, Post Doctoral Fellow

Manijeh Vafa Homann, PhD, Research Assistent Professor

Andreas Wångdahl, MD, PhD student

Katja Wyss, MD, PhD student

Victor Yman, MD, PhD student

Christopher Sundling, PhD, Research Assistent Professor

Key publications

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MD, PhD, Principal Investigator

Anna Färnert

Work:+46 (0)8-517 752 85