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Neurogenetics Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system affecting around one million people world-wide. The disease progression varies between patients but often causes different degrees of disability.

In the MS group at CMM we aim to contribute to the urgently needed advancement of MS research by applying translational methods based on large patient cohorts. In this way hope to cast new light on the etiology of MS by seeking to understand the genetic components of the disease. We are also investigating a possible viral etiology of the disease using experimental systems.

MS treatments have improved significantly over the last decade, but they are still only partially effective and/or hampered by side effects, leaving a great clinical need for intensified research on disease mechanisms and novel therapeutics. Nab-lab, with team leader Anna Fogdell-Hahn, provides a service to neurologists by studying the development of antibodies against immunomodulatory biologic treatments. Thus, our research aims at fulfilling unmet needs of improved treatments in MS as well as adequate management of available treatments.

Research Projects

  •     Genetic analysis of multiple sclerosis
  •     Viral etiology of multiple sclerosis and epilepsy
  •     Anti-drug antibodies

Selected publications

No influence on disease progression of non-HLA susceptibility genes in MS.
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Group members

Firouz AmaniAnknuten, Postdoc
Tor AnsvedAnknuten
Sahl Khalid BedriDoktorand
Omid BeikiAnknuten, Postdoc
Anders BerglundAnknuten
Mabel CruzAnknuten
Virginija Danylaité KarrenbauerAnknuten
Björn EvertssonAnknuten
Katarina FinkAnknuten
Jonas Forsman Forskarstuderande
Sten FredriksonProfessor/överläkare
Jonatan FreilichPostdoc
Anna GlaserProjektledare
Jan HillertForskargruppsledare, Professor/överläkare
Kerstin ImrellPostdoc
Andrius KavaliunasPostdoc
Konstantinos KostulasAnknuten
Maria LantzForskarstuderande
Eva LindströmAnknuten
Jenny LinkDatabassamordnare
Karin LyckeForskningssköterska
Susanne MalmbergAnknuten
Ali ManouchehriniaPostdoc
Ulrik Nilsson RantaForskarstuderande
Rayomand PressAnknuten
Sven PålhagenAnknuten
Ryan RamanujamAnknuten, Postdoc
Kristin SamuelssonForskarstuderande
Christina SjöstrandAnknuten
Tim SpelmanForskarassistent
Leszek StawiarzForskarstuderande, Projektsamordnare