ARC publications

Every two or three years, ARC releases an activity report in which data about the center's research and activities is gathered. Our researchers also frequently publish their findings in renowned scientific publications. A list of our most recent publications can be found on this page.

screenshot of the cover of the activity report.
Cover of ARC Activity Report 2020-2022. Photo: Emy Svedberg, Sandra Humer

Activity reports

The activity reports from ARC provide a brief overview of our organisation, research infrastructure, major findings, global collaborators, active projects, outreach, education, publications, and more.

Books in bookshelf
Photo: Pixabay


ARC's research published in scientific journals in recent years.

Publication lists over the years

Doctoral theses piled on one another on a table.
Doctoral theses at ARC between 2020 and 2022. Photo: Lotte Brandt

Doctoral theses

All doctorate theses are accessible through KI Open Archive.

Doctoral theses at ARC

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