Researchers at MTC A-Ö

Research, teams and project groups within the Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology.


PI: Jan Albert
Jan Albert Group: HIV and enterovirus evolution and spread
Location: Karolinska University Hospital

PI: Tobias Allander
Tobias Allander Group: Clinical Virology and Virus Discovery
Location: Karolinska University Hospital

PI: Marie Arsenian Henriksson
Marie Arsenian Henriksson Group: Neural differentiation as a strategy for neuroblastoma treatment
Location: Biomedicum, 7B

PI: Magda Bienko
Magda Bienko Group: Quantitative Biology of the Nucleus
Location: SciLifeLab

Professor Emeritus Anders Björkman
Professor emeritus Anders Björkman
Location: Biomedicum, 9C

Project leader: Annelie Brauner
Research Project: Annelie Brauner Project (within Martin Rottenberg Group)

PI: Yihai Cao
Yihai Cao Group: Angiogenesis, Cancer, Metabolic disease, Cardiovascular disease, Eye disease
Location: Biomedicum, 8C

PI: Francesca Chiodi
Francesca Chiodi Group: Mechanism of B and T cell death during HIV infection
Location: Biomedicum, 9C

PI: Jonathan Coquet
Jonathan Coquet Group: Laboratory of Lymphocyte Differentiation
Location: Biomedicum, 7C

Team leader: Nicola Crosetto
Research Project: Nicola Crosetto Team (within Magda Bienko Group)
Location: SciLifeLab

Team leader: Pia Dosenovic
Research Project: Pia Dosenovic Team (within Lisa Westerberg Group)
Location: Biomedicum, 7C

PI: Lars Engstrand
Lars Engstrand Group: The Human Instetinal Microbiome, Helicobacter Pylori and Gastrointestinal Disease Development
Location: Biomedicum, 8A + 2B

PI: Ingemar Ernberg
Ingemar Ernberg Group: Tumor Biology, Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)
Location: Biomedicum, 8C


PI. Pedro Gil
Pedro Gil Team: The Eukaryotic Antimicrobial Resistande Initiative (within the Parasitology Division)
Location: 9C

PI: Birgitta Henriques-Normark
Birgitta Henriques-Normark group: Host-Pathogen Interactions in Health and Disease (within the Birgitta Henriques-Normark Group)
Location: Biomedicum, 5A

Team leader: Akira Kaneko
Akira Kaneko team: Malaria Elimination (within the Parasitology Division)
Location: Biomedicum, 9C

PI: Mikael Karlsson
Mikael Karlsson Group: B Cells and Autoinflammation
Location: Biomedicum, 7C

PI: Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam
Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam Group: Genetic Basis for B Cell Recognition and Function
Location: Biomedicum, 7C

PI: Claudia Kutter
Kutter group: Regulatory transcriptions
Location: SciLifeLab

Professor Emeritus Klas Kärre
Klas Kärre Group: NK Cell Recognition
Location: Biomedicum, 7C

PI: Sonia Lain
Sonia Lain Group: Discovery and Elucidation of the mechanisms of Action of Tumour Selective Compunds
Location: Biomedicum, 7B

Project leader: Michael Landreh
Project Group: Michael Landreh Project (within Marie Arsenian Henriksson Group)
Location: Biomedicum, 9C

Project leader: David Lane
Project Group: David Lane Group (within Marie Arsenian Henriksson Group)
Location: Biomedicum, 7B

PI: Lars-Gunnar Larsson
Lars-Gunnar Larsson Group: Function, Regulation and Targeting of the Myc Protein (within Wilhelm lab)
Location: Biomedicum, 9C

PI: Kaisa Lehti
Kaisa Lehti Group: Tumor Cell – Microenvironment Communication in Cander Invasion, Metastasis and Drug Resistance
Location: Biomedicum, 7B

Project leader: Peter Liljeström
Project Group: Peter Liljeström Project (within Gerald McInerney Group)

Project leader: Edmund Loh
Project Group: Edmund Loh Project (within Birgitta Henriques-Normark Group)
Location: Biomedicum, 5A


Project leader: Itziar Martinez Gonzalez
Project Group: Itziar Martinez Gonzalez Project (within Jonathan Coquet Group)
Location: Biomedicum, 7C

PI: Gerald McInerney
Gerald McInderney Group: Regulation of Gene Expression during Viral Infection
Location: Biomedicum, 7C

Team leader: Benjamin Murrell
Ben Murrell Team (within Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam Group)
Location: Biomedicum, 7C

Project leader: Elisabeth Lissa Norin
Elisabeth Norin Project: Anaerobic cultivated human intestinal microbiota (Achim) (within Åsa Sjöling Group)

PI: Susanne Nylén
Susanne Nylén Group: Immunology of Host-Parasite Interactions (within the Parasitology Division)
Location: Biomedicum, 9C

Project leader: Manuel Patarroyo
Project Group: Manuel Patarroyo Project (within Marie Arsenian Henriksson Group)
Location: Biomedicum, 7B

PI: Vicent Pelechano
Vicent Pelechano Group: Transcriptional Basis of Non-Genetic Cellular Heterogeneity
Location: SciLifeLab

PI: Mikael Rhen
Mikael Rhen Group: Salmonella Enterica as a Model for Intracellular Parasitism
Location: Biomedicum, 9C

Team leader: Ulf Ribacke
Ulf Ribacke Team: Molecular Biology of Host-Parasite Interaction (within the Parasitology Division)
Location: Biomedicum, 9C

PI: Antonio Rothfuchs
Antonio Rothfuchs Group: Immmunology and Aerobiology of Mycobacteria
Location: Biomedicum, 9C

PI: Martin Rottenberg
Martin Rottenberg Group: Intracellular Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Location: Biomedicum, 9C

PI: Ute Römling
Ute Römling Group: Multicellular Behavior in Enterobacteriaceae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa Clone C – a World Wide Prevalent Clone
Location: Biomedicum, 8C


PI: Susanne Schlisio
Schlisio lab: Oxygen Sensing, Cancer and Intratumor Heterogeneity
Location: Biomedicum, 5D

PI: Galina Selivanova
Galina Selivanova Group: Development of small molecules restoring the tumor suppression functions of p53
Location: Biomedicum, 8C

PI: Åsa Sjöling
Åsa Sjöling Group
Location: Biomedicum, 8D

Project leader: Georgios Sotiriou
Georgios Sotiriou Laboratory: Bionanomaterial Technology (within Birgitta Henriques Normark Group)
Location: Biomedicum, 5A

Professor Mats Wahlgren
Mats Wahlgren Group: Biology of Plasmodium Falciparum
Location: Biomedicum, 9C

Project leader: Britta Wahren
Britta Wahren Project (within Francesca Chiodi Group)

PI: Lisa Westerberg
Lisa Westerberg Group: Immunodeficiency Diseases
Location: Biomedicum, 7C

PI: Margareta Wilhelm
Wilhelm lab: Mechanisms regulating tumor development and tumor microenvironment
Location: Biomedicum, 7B

PI: Valtteri Wirta
Clinical Genomics Stockholm
Location: SciLifeLab