Elisabeth Norin Project

Elisabeth Norin & Tore Midtvedt work with an anaerobic cultivated human intestinal microbiota (Achim) and they have succeeded in re-cultivating – under strict conditions - ex vivo for more than 20 years - a diverse ecosystem of human intestinal microbiota from a single healthy donor.

Anaerobic cultivated human intestinal microbiota (Achim)

In patients with recurrent Clostridium difficile infection (RCDI) this ecosystem is an excellent treatment option to reestablish a functional microbiota.

The study is still ongoing at the General Hospital in Gävle and in Oslo, where patients, after several treatment periods with different antimicrobials, were randomly admitted to one of the two arms ”ACHIM TRANSPLANTATION” or ”VANCOMYCIN TREATMENT”.

Most of the patients with RCDI so far included and thus treated have recovered.

Project members

Elisabeth Norin, Associate Professor

Tore Midtvedt, Professor emeritus

Peter Benno, PhD, MD

Bo Tjellström, PhD, MD


A published book: "Gastrointestinal Microbiology"
Editors; Arthur C. Ouwehand Health and Nutrition, Danisco Finland, Finland, Elaine E. Vaughan Wageningen University, Vlaardingen, Netherlands.

Elisabeth Norin & Tore Midtvedt have written a chapter; "Born germ-free - microbial dependent"

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