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US research funding at KI

US and international funding supports many research projects at Karolinska Institutet (KI). In 2018, over 50 million SEK was obtained from US federal agencies, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and over 45 million SEK was obtained from US private foundations.

Funding 2010 – 2018 (amount in million SEK)
Year Government agencies Private foundations Total
2010 45,9 22 70,9
2011 22,6 22,1 43,7
2012 25,2 33,1 58,3
2013 21,3 45,6 66,9
2014 22,5 46,1 68,6
2015 32,8 42,4 75,2
2016 40,6 38,2 78,8
2017 41,3 32,3 73,6
2018 50,0 45,0 95,0

US federal PI-initiated research grants

NIH - 2019

  • Karl Eriksson (U01/Sub) - STABILITY 2: ACL Reconstruction +/- Lateral Tenodesis with Patellar vs. Quad Tendon
  • Sven Cnattingius (R21/Sub) - Prenatal and Neonatal Risk Factors for Adverse Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Childhood and Early Adulthood
  • Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam (UM1/Sub) - Consortium for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Development
  • Cecilia Magnusson (R01/Sub) - Maternal epilepsy, antiepileptic drug use during pregnancy, and risk of autism
  • Benjamin Murrell (UM1/Sub) - HVTN Laboratory Center

NIH – 2018

  • Sarah Bergen (R21/Prime) – Schizophrenia Comorbidities: Common Genes and Clusters

NIH – 2017

  • Johan Grunewald (R01/Sub) – T cell epitopes in sarcoidosis
  • Rickard Sandberg (R01/Sub) – Deciphering the building blocks of hippocampal circuits
  • Maria Sabater Lleal (R01/Sub) – Population genomic variation, functional biology, and the risk of venous thrombosis
  • Rickard Sandberg (U19/Sub) – A comprehensive whole-brain atlas of cell types in the mouse
  • Sten Linnarsson (U01/Sub) – A multimodal atlas of human brain cell types
  • Barbara Canlon (R56/Prime) – Circadian regulation of glucocorticoid-dependent inflammation in noise-induced synaptopathy
  • Michael Yi Bonner (F31/Prime) – Redox modulation - Impact on Tumor Growth and Therapeutic Anticancer Efficacy
  • Ivanka Savic-Berglund (R01/Sub) – Gender identity and own body perception implications for the neurobiology of gender dysphoria
  • Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam (U01/Sub) – Immunoglobulin gene diversity in an African population and impact on antibody function in HIV infection

NIH – 2016

  • Ahmed Elewa (F32/Prime) – Discovering signature genes and developing expression markers for blastema cells
  • David Mataix-Cols (R01/Sub) – OCD: Novel Comparative Genomic Approaches to Identify Disease and Treatment Mechanisms.
  • Elias Arnér (R21/Sub) - Redox regulation in the hepatostat.
  • Fredrik Wiklund (R01/Sub) – The Genetic Basis of Aggressive Prostate Cancer: The Role of Rare Variation.
  • Konstantinos Meletis (R21/Sub) – Development of a whole-brain cellular mapping approach in a genetic model of autism and intellectual disability.
  • Nancy Pedersen (R56/Sub) – Gene-Environment Interplay of Social contexts and Aging-Related Outcomes.
  • Ujjwal Neogi (R01/Sub) – Reverse Transcriptase Multi-Class Drug Resistance and Rilpivirine Susceptibility in Diverse HIV-1 Subtypes.

NIH – 2015

  • Johan Sandberg (R01/Sub) – Intestinal MAIT Cells in HIV Infection.
  • Karin Broberg (R01/Sub) – Factors modifying the toxicity of methylmercury in a fish-eating population.
  • Kristina Gemzell Danielsson (Federal contract/Sub) – Clinical evaluation of nestorone gel and testosterone gel for male contraception.
  • Martin Neovius (R01/Sub) – Benefits, Risks & Costs of Bariatric Surgery: Register-Enriched Cohort Studies.
  • Mikael Landén (R01/Sub) – 1/3 Genetic analysis of the international cohort collection for bipolar disorder.
  • Marianne Schultzberg (R21/Sub) – Resolving Factors in Alzheimers Disease.

NIH – 2014

  • Christina Dalman (R21/Sub) – Early life vitamin D levels and risk of autism spectrum disorders.
  • Christina Hultman (R01/Sub) – Population-based autism genetics & environment study.
  • Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam (P01/Sub) – High resolution analysis of ENV-directed B cells to accelerate vaccine design.
  • Henrik Larsson (R01/Sub) – Risks and Benefits of ADHD Medication for Psychiatric and Neurologic Problems.
  • Kristina Broliden (U19/Sub) – Griffithsin-based Rectal Microbicides for PREvention of Viral ENTry (PREVENT).
  • Lennart Hammarström (R01/Sub) – IGA Nephropathy: Interventions with generation of nephritogenic immune complexes.
  • Martin Eklund (U01/Sub) – Modeling the impact of targeted therapy based on breast cancer subtypes.
  • Ole Kiehn (R01/Sub) – Spinal cord neural circuits for left-right and flexor-extensor coordination.

Department of Defense (DoD)

2017: Helena Ledmyr (Office of Naval Research) – CSP – The 10th Neuroinformatics Congress of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF)

2016: Barbara Canlon (CDMRP/Prime) – Chronopharmacological Interventions for the Successful Treatment of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

2015: Theresa Vincent (CDMRP/Sub) – Targeting Breast Cancer Metastasis through Selective Inhibition of RNA Polymerase I

Major private foundation PI-initiated research grants


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Karin Loré (Prime) – Analyse the immune responses elicited by novel mRNA-based vaccines. More reading at the staff portal


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Karin Loré (Sub) – Structure Based Immunogen Design at UWIPD.


Jeffrey Modell Foundation: Lennart Hammarström (Sub)

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI): Fredrik Piehl (Prime) – Rituximab in Multiple Sclerosis: A Comparative Study on Effectiveness, Safety, and Patient-Reported Outcomes. Read a news article on KI News


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

CHDI Foundation Inc: Christer Halldin

The Myositis Association: Ingrid Lundberg

The Vallee Foundation: Rickard Sandberg (Vallee Scholar) – The nature of allelic gene expression in vivo.