Researchers A-Z

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Björn Andersson Genomic analysis of parasites and viruses, metagenomic sequencing
Emma Andersson Genetic basis of complex diseases
Olov Andersson Drug discovery, pancreatic beta-cell regeneration
Laura Baranello Topoisomerases, chromatin biology and cancer
Olaf Bergmann Cell renewal, 14C birth dating, cardiomyocyte, cell cycle
Kenneth Chien Stem cells, Developmental Biology, Heart Disease, Heart Development, Genetics, Biotechnology


Bertil Daneholt The passage of the mRNP particle through the nuclear pore
Nico Dantuma Ubiquitin/proteasome system, development of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer
Qiaolin Deng Gene regulation in early fate specification after implantation
Johan Ericson Stem cells and neural development
Teresa Frisan Carcinogenic properties of chronic infection with CDT-producing bacteria, toxin internalization, induction of genomic instability, tissue remodelling
Jonas Frisén Stem Cells in Tissue Homeostasis and Regenerative Medicine


Maria Genander Epithelial stem cells in development and disease
Christian Göritz Homeostasis and tissue repair mechanisms in the mammalian system, pericytes, stem cells
Johan Holmberg Cellular diversity is generated during development, neuronal identity
Martin Hällberg Structural basis of RNA biogenesis
Christer Höög Meiotic chromosome segregation
Carlos Ibañez Growth factor receptor signaling and biology in nervous system development and metabolic regulation
Sten Eirik Jacobsen Hematopoietic stem cells in normal and malignant development and regenerative medicine
Randall Johnson Effects of hypoxia in physiological and pathological contexts, Hypoxia Inducible Factors (HIF)


Andreas Kegel The topological function of the evolutionarily conserved Smc5/6 complex
Urban Lendahl Notch signaling, ES cells, myogenic and vascular progenitors, vascular disease and Alagille syndrome, breast cancer
Arne Lindqvist Cell cycle, mitotic entry, and DNA-damage checkpoints
Maria G. Masucci Molecular Mechanisms of Viral Oncogenesis
Jonas Muhr Stem Cell Biology


Matti Nikkola Educational development
Lars Norlén Basic molecular structure of human skin
Thomas Perlmann Development, transcription factors, neurons, dopamine


Rickard Sandberg Gene regulation, genome-wide experimental and computational techniques
Olle Sangfelt SCF ubiquitin ligases, cell cycle, transcription and cancer development
Andràs Simon Regeneration mechanisms
Camilla Sjögren The SMC complexes, chromosome dynamics and stability
Kirsty Spalding Tissue regeneration, focusing on fat cells (adipocytes) and obesity
Lena Ström Sister chromatid cohesion in DNA damage responses, DSB repair, Genome Integrity, Gene regulation


Björn Vennström Thyroid hormone, developmental and metabolic processes
Örjan Wrange Chromatin, epigenetics and gene regulation, steroid receptors