Forskarstuderande vid enheten för kirurgi och onkologi

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Ebba Asplund

Liquid biopsy before and after surgery for pancreatic cancer

Ruth Baumgartner

Clinical and tumour biological aspects of patients undergoing hepatectomy for primary and srcondary liver tumours

My Blohm

Treatment of cholelithiasis and acute cholecystitis

Laia Faseh

Liver Metastatic Colorectal Cancer – treatment outcome and the potential of thermal ablation as a curative treatment option

Beate Gündel

Investigation of pancreatic cancer aided by 3D-culture models

Asif Halimi

Innovation in pancreatology

Anders Holmén

Nutrition and health-related quality of life after multimodality treatment of gastroesophageal cancer

Biying Huang

Peritoneal disease in gastric cancer

Jeanna Joneberg

Studies on bile leakage after hepatic resection

Magnus Konradsson

Gastric outlet obstruction after esophagectomy: Epidemiology , diagnosis and treatment

Patrik Larsson

The impact of heart disease on patients with malignant and premalignant pancreatic diseases

Ann Morgell

Preemptive pancreatic surgery

Klara Nilsson

Aspects of the timing of surgical resection after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in treatment of esophageal cancer

Halla Sif Ólafsdóttir

Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Oesophageal Cancer

Dawid Rutkowski

A deep learning-based radiogenomic approach to assess tumour characteristics in pancreatic cancer

Wiktor Rutkowski

Tumor-related fecal dysbiosis in pancreatic cancer patient

Gabriel Saliba

The role of molecular subtypes and biomarkers in gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma for individually tailored treatment and increased overall survival

Johanna Samola Winnberg

Hereditary ventricular cancer

Daniel Selin

Aspects of acute pancreatitis – studies on etiology and outcome

John Thörling

Aspects of glucose metabolism in acute surgical and orthopedic patients

Linn Christina Westin

Inguinal hernia - optimizing surgical treatment.