Avhandlingar och rapporter

Här finns alla avhandlingar som har lagts fram på KIND sedan starten. Vi har också listat de rapporter som KIND har tagit fram, bland annat för Region Stockholm.


Visual perception in infancy and its links to later autism
Irzam Hardiansyah, 2024

Transition-aged autistic youth : functioning, quality of life, and internet-delivered psychoeducation 
Anna Backman, 2023

Intellectual disability in a forensic psychiatric setting
Hanna Edberg

Female autism phenotypes : sex/gender differences in functioning, camouflaging, and eating problems
Karl Lundin Remnélius, 2023

Environmental etiologies of autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions : twin studies of the cumulative effect of early medical events 
Torkel Carlsson, 2022

Educational inclusion for students with neurodevelopmental conditions 
Emma Leifler, 2022

Neurofeedback and working memory training in children and adolescents with ADHD 
John Hasslinger, 2022

Genetic implications of individual intervention and neuronal dysfunction in neurodevelopmental disorders 
Danyang Li, 2022

Physical comorbidity in twins with ASD or ADHD 
Pei-Yin Pan, 2021

New light on neurocognitive processes linked to autism and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in childhood : studies of eye movements in twins
Monica Siqueiros Sanchez, 2020

Tailoring and standardizing the assessment of ability and disability in ADHD and autism : the development of WHO ICF core sets
Soheil Mahdi, 2019

Morphological variants in neurodevelopmental disorders
Lynnea Myers, 2019

Quality and efficacy of early intensive autism intervention : a matter of trust, knowledge, and supervision?
Ulrika Långh, 2017

Emotion recognition and expression in autism spectrum disorder : significance, complexity, and effect of training
Steve Berggren, 2017

Identification of biobehavioral markers of neurodevelopmental disorders in twins
Charlotte Willfors, 2017

Men with ADHD in compulsory care for substance abuse : characterization and treatment
Berit Bihlar Muld, 2016

Social skills group training for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder
Nora Choque Olsson, 2016

Standardizing diagnostic assessment of autism spectrum disorder - assets and challenges
Eric Zander, 2015

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