Researcher A-Ö

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Research group leader Research area  
Niaz Ahmed  Stroke – acute intervention and secondary prevention  
Kristina Alexanderson Insurance medicine  
Gerhard Andersson    
John Axelsson Sleep, cognition and health  
Anne H. Berman Innovative treatment technologies in assessment and treatment of alcohol and drug problems  
Andreas Birgegård Eating Disorders  
Rune Brautaset Physiological optics  
Lou Brundin Stemcells and inflammation  
Simon Cervenka Molecular brain imaging and psychosis research  
Marie Dahlin Suicidförsök och suicid  
Tomas Ekström Medical Epigenetics  
Pia Enebrink Evidence-based practice: prevention, treatment, and implementation  
Lars Farde PET  
Lena Flyckt The Stockholm research group for clinical and translational research of schizophrenia and psychoses  
Anna Fogdell-Hahn Clinical Neuroimmunology  
Johan Franck Treatment of addictive disorders  
Peter Fransson Large-scale network connectivity in the human brain  
Ata Ghaderi Clinical psychology  
Tobias Granberg Neuroradiology: neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation  
Johanna Gripenberg STAD  
Hans Grönlund Therapeutic Immune Design
Clara Hellner Mental disorder and antisocial development
Petter Gustavsson Differential psychology and health
Christer Halldin PET
Robert Harris Immunotherapy
Erik Hedman Clinical psychology: treatment and assessment of anxiety
Agneta Herlitz Individual differences in cognition
Jan Hillert Neurogenetics Multiple sclerosis
Emily Holmes Emotional Mental Imagery Lab (EMIL)
Staffan Holmin Neuroradiology
Lars Hyllienmark Clinical Neurophysiology
Martin Ingvar Cognitive neurophysiology
Maja Jagodic Epigenetic origins and mechanisms in neuroinflammation
Karin Jensen Pain and brain imaging
Jussi Jokinen Risk assessment, management and prevention in clinical psychiatry
Yvonne Juhlin Clinical Eating disorders research
Erik Jönsson Psychiatric Genetics
Viktor Kaldo Psychological Treatment via Internet
Ingrid Skelton Kockum Genetic Epidemiology of Multiple Sclerosis
Eva Kosek Mechanisms of pain and treatment
Marianne Kristiansson Forensic neuroscience, risk behavior and law
Maria Kristoffersen Neuroradiology: Neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation
Maria Kugelberg Cataract
Anders Kvanta Retina, eye oncology
Håkan Källmén STAD
Mikael Landén Multidisciplinary clinical psychiatry group  
Mats Lekander Psychoneuroimmunology
Nils Lindefors Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment
Brjánn Ljótsson Psychological treatment
Johan Lundberg Molecular brain imaging, neuropsychopharmacology, depression and anxiety disorders
Tobias Lundgren  
Johan Lundström Multisensory Neuroscience
David Mataix-Cols Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders across the lifespan
Bo Melin Cognitive epidemiology
Ellenor Mitterndorfer-Rutz Mental health and social integration (Mente)
Per Montan Diseases of the Anterior Eye Parts
Mussie Msghina fMRI
Peter Nordström Risk assessment, management and prevention in clinical psychiatry
Andreas Olsson Emotion and social learning
Mats J. Olsson Human olfaction
Tomas Olsson Clinical and experimental neuroimmunology
Tony Pansell Eye movement
Fredrik Piehl Inflammation and neurodegeneration after neurotrauma
Mats Ramstedt CAN
Christian Rück Anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and genetics
Bo Runeson Suicide attempt and suicide
Stefan Seregard Retina, eye oncology
Eva Serlachius Child and adolescent psychiatry
Christina Sjöstrand Neurovascular diseases
Stefan Skare Neuroradiology - MRI physics
Pia Steensland Experimental Neuropsychopharmacology - Dependence Disorders
Pia Svedberg Research group page
Per Svenningsson Neuropharmacology - movement disorders
Mikael A. Svensson Neurosurgery
Jari Tiihonen Real-world effectiveness of psychopharmacological treatment
Torbjörn Tomson Clinical epilepsy
Lisa Thorell Cognitive processes and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Andrea Varrone Molecular brain imaging of neurodegenerative disorders
Rikard Wicksell Bahavioral Medicine
Vladana Vukojević Experimental alcohol- and drug dependence research
Torbjörn Åkerstedt Sleep and fatigue
Insurance MedicineNeurologyPsychiatryPsychologyPsychotherapy