Researchers A-Ö at CNS

Research group leader and research area

Division of Neuro

Niaz Ahmed - Stroke - Acute intervention and secondary prevention

Lou Brundin - Stemcells and inflammation

Erik EdströmAugmented Neurosurgery

Anna Falk-Delgado - Clinical Brain Imaging Methods

Peter Fransson - Large-scale network connectivity in the human brain

Tobias Granberg - Neuroradiology: neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation

Hans Grönlund - Therapeutic Immune Design

Robert Harris - Immunotherapy

Jan Hillert - Neurogenetics Multiple sclerosis

Staffan Holmin - Neuroradiology

Lars Hyllienmark - Clinical Neurophysiology

Caroline Ingre - ALS

Maja Jagodic - Epigenetic origins and mechanisms in neuroinflammation

Karin Jensen - Pain and brain imaging

Ingirid Kockum - Genetic Epidemiology of Multiple Sclerosis

Eva Kosek - Mechanisms of pain and treatment

Daniel Lundqvist - Cognitive Neuroscience

Joana PereiraBrain Connectivity

Fredrik Piehl- Inflammation and neurodegeneration after neurotrauma

Stefan Skare - Neuroradiology - MRI physics

Per Svenningsson - Neuropharmacology - movement disorders

Mikael A. Svensson - Neurosurgery

Eric ThelinTraumatic brain injuries and neuro-monitoring

Centre for Psychiatry Research

Johan BjurebergMental disorder and antisocial development

Marie Dahlin - Suicide attempt and suicide

Lars Farde - PET

Johan Franck - Treatment of addictive disorders

Johanna Gripenberg - STAD

Christer Halldin - PET

Anders Hammarberg - Psychological treatment of addiction

Katarina Howner - Forensic behavioral and neuroscience

Jens Högström - Child and adolescent psychiatry

Nitya Jayaram-Lindström - Psychological treatment of addiction

Viktor Kaldo - Psychological Interventions - innovation, improvement and dissemination

Philip LindnerDigital Psychiatry

Johan Lundberg - Molecular brain imaging, neuropsychopharmacology, depression and anxiety disorders

Tobias Lundgren - psychotherapeutic method, education and implementation

Thomas MastermanForensic epidemiology

David Mataix-ColsObsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders Across the Lifespan

Kristoffer Månsson - researchgroup

Predrag Petrovic - Cognitive Neuropsychiatry

Christoffer RahmPerpetrator Prevention 

Malin Joleby - Perpetrator Prevention

Mats Ramstedt - Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Christian Rück - Anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and genetics

Jari Tiihonen - Real-world effectiveness of psychopharmacological treatment 

Andrea Varrone - Molecular brain imaging of neurodegenerative disorders

Vladana Vukojević - Experimental alcohol- and drug dependence research

Division of Psychology

Erik Andersson- Clinical Psychology and Pedagogy

John Axelsson - Sleep, cognition and health 

Richard BränströmHealth inequalities and minority stress

Anna DahlgrenWorking hours, Recovery and Safety in working life.

Pia Enebrink - Evidence-based practice: prevention, treatment and implementation

Ata Ghaderi - Clinical psychology

Petter Gustavsson - Differential psychology and health

Arvid GuterstamPerception Lab

Erik Hedman Lagerlöf - Clinical psychology: treatment and assessment of anxiety

Agneta Herlitz - Individual differences in cognition

Mats Lekander - Psychoneuroimmunology

Brjánn Ljótsson - Psychological treatment

Johan Lundström - Multisensory Neuroscience 

Bo Melin - Cognitive epidemiology

Andreas Olsson - Emotion and social learning

Mats J. Olsson - Human olfaction

Janina SeubertNutriLab

Lisa Thorell - Cognitive processes and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Rikard Wicksell - Behavioral Medicine

Division of Eye and Vision

Helder André - Retina

Rune Brautaset - Physiological optics

Anders Kvanta - Retina

Tony Pansell - Eye Movement

Gustav Stålhammar - Ocular oncology and pathology

Pete Williams - Glaucoma

Divisioin of Insurance Medicine 

Emilie Friberg - Risk factors for and consequences of sickness absence in relation to specific diagnoses

Ellenor Mittendorfer-Rutz - Mental health and social integration (Mente)

Pia Svedberg - Twinstudies on health conditions and sickness absence

Division of Imaging Core Facilities

Christoph Pfeiffer - NatMEG

Ann Hagerborn