Core facilities A-Z

Karolinska Institutet offers a wide range of core facilities for research.


3D-EM Core Facility

ANA Futura BSL3 Core Facility

ANA Futura X-ray Facility

Animal Behavior Core Facility (ABCF)

Autoradiography Core Facility

Biofabrication and Tissue Engineering Facility (Biofab)

Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)

Biomedicum Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Biomedicum Imaging Core (BIC)

Biosafety Level 3 Facility in Biomedicum

Biostatistics Core Facility

Brain Bank

Brain Molecular Imaging Centre (BMIC)

Cell Therapy Center Karolinska and Vecura

Chemical Proteomics Core Facility

Chemical Proteomics and Proteogenomics

Clinical Proteomics Mass Spectrometry core facility

Clinical Research Center (CRF)

Comparative Medicine

CRISPR Functional Genomics


Developmental Tissue Bank

eHealth Core Facility

Electron Microscopy Unit (Emil)

Eukaryotic Single Cell Genomics Facility

Facility for Advanced Cell and Tissue Culturing (FACT)

Flow Cytometry Facility MedH

Genomic Medicine Center Karolinska (GMCK)

Histological Core Facility (HistoCore)

Import Portal KIMM


iPS Core Facility

IVIS-SpectrumCT In Vivo Imaging Core Laboratory


KARMITH Core Facility

Karolinska Cell Therapy Center and Vecura

Karolinska Genome Engineering

Karolinska Center for Transgene Technologies (KCTT)

Karolinska Trial Alliance (KTA)

Karolinska University Laboratory

KERIC – Karolinska Experimental Research and Imaging Centre

KI Biobank

KI Gene – Genetic Analysis

KISCO – Karolinska Institutet Stem Cell Organoid

KM X-ray irradiation facilities (KI staff only)

Laboratories for Chemical Biology


Live Cell Imaging Core Facility

Morphological Phenotype Analysis (FENO)

Motion, Function and Health (website in Swedish)

MR Centrum

Mutation Analysis Facility (MAF)

National E-infrastructure for Aging Research (NEAR)

NatMEG – National Facility for Magnetoencephalography


Preclinical Imaging Facility (PIF)

Preclinical Laboratory Portal

Protein Science Facility (PSF)

Proteomics Biomedicum

Quality Registry Centre Stockholm (QRC)

Radiopharmacy Core Facility (RCF)


SciLifeLab Cellular Immunomonitoring Facility

Single Cell Core Facility Flemingsberg (ScCore)

Small Animal Molecular Imaging (SAMI)

Stockholm Medical Image Laboratory and Education (SMILE)

Swedish Twin Registry (STR)

VirusTech Core Facility


Zebrafish Core Facility

Core facilities for education

Core facilities for education are specially equipped premises, e.g. course laboratories and methodology rooms, which are used by several educational programs at Karolinska Institutet.

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