3D-EM Core Facility

The 3D electron microscopy core facility (3D-EM) is a new facility for high-end biomedical electron microscopy at Solna campus. The facility is equipped with (cryo) TEMs, cryo FIB-SEM, cryo confocal, plunge freezing, and high-pressure freezing instruments for single particle analysis and tomography. Contact us to discuss a project and start training on our equipment.

Main areas

Intertior and people from the 3D-EM facility in the Wargentin House, Campus Solna Photo: Genís Valentín Gesé

Facts about our core facility

Location: Wargentin, Nobels väg 12, Campus Solna

Director: Martin Hällberg

Key words: electron microscopy, structural biology, TEM, SEM, single particle, tomography

Department: Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

Funding: Karolinska Institutet, user fees