Dental biobank for researchers at the Department of Dental Medicine

KI-Dental biobank (tandvårdsbiobank) at the Department of Dental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet in Campus Flemingsberg consists of registered sample collections of biological material including blood plasma/serum, saliva samples, gingival crevicular fluid, plaque samples and microdialysis samples obtained from patients with various oral diseases.

All samples are stored at −80 °C, at the freeze hotel at ANA Futura.

Ethical approval is required for the storage of the samples at the KI-Tandvårdsbiobank.

Preparation before sampling

Before starting a sample collection at KI-Tandvårdsbiobank, a form (Anmälan av provsamlingar på KI Tandvårdsbiobank) needs to be filled in by the principal investigator and sent to the biobank coordinator Tülay Lindberg.

If samples should be sent from the KI-Dental biobank, please contact Tülay Lindberg.

Information about the new biobank act

New Updated Swedish Biobank Act from July 1, 2023