Biomedicum Imaging Core Facility (BIC)

BIC is an imaging core facility for academic researchers offering a wide range of advanced light microscopy technology and imaging tools.

Photo: Shigeaki Kanatani
Image from Biomedicum Imaging Core. Credit: Shigeaki Kanatani. Photo: Shigeaki Kanatani
Imaging live cells, image from Biomedicum Imaging Core (BIC). Credit: Florian Salomons. Photo: Florian Salomons

Facts about our core facility

Location: Biomedicum

Director: Per Uhlén

Key words: light microscopy technology, imaging tools, image processing, confocal microscopy, widefield fluorescence microscopy, light sheet microscopy, live cell imaging, in vivo imaging, spatial transcriptomics, 

Department: Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics