Research groups A-Ö



Dzevad Belkic Quantum mechanic collisions and spectroscopy

Jonas Bergh Breast cancer

Yvonne Brandberg Psycho-oncology

Joseph Carlson Molecular Research in Gynaecological Cancers


Tina Dalianis Tumour virology

Teresita Diaz de Ståhl Genomic and epigenomic studies of brain tumors using array- and next generation sequencing-based approaches

Henrik Druid Forensic medicine

Lars Egevad Urological cancer

Simon Ekman Precision Cancer Medicine in Lung Cancer - Preclinical, Translational & Clinical Research

Martin Enge Cancer stem cells and clonal structure in ALL


Leonard Girnita Molecular pathology of receptor signaling in cancer

Anita Göndör Anita Göndör's group

Johan Hansson Malignant melanoma

Johan Hartman Johan Hartman's group

Thomas Helleday Thomas Helleday's group

Lars Holmgren Lars Holmgren's group


Olli Kallioniemi Olli Kallioniemi's group

Rolf Kiessling Cancer immune and gene therapy

Catharina Larsson Medical genetics

Ola Larsson Translational control of cancer

Olle Larsson Studies on insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF-1R) and its role in malignant cell growth

Janne Lehtiö Cancer proteomics to improve therapy

Stig Linder Identification of drugs for treatment of solid tumors

Linda Lindström Breast cancer epidemiology

Andreas Lundqvist Cell-based immune therapy for cancer


Jonas Mattsson/Isabelle Magalhaes Jonas Mattsson's group

Sten Nilsson

Monica Nistér Brain tumor models

Pär Nordlund Pär Nordlund's group

Laura Orellana Protein dynamics and mutation

Katja Pokrovskaja Tamm Novel targeted therapies in cancer to overcome drug resistance


Charlotte Rolny Tumor immuno editing by semaphorins

Peter Strang

Klas G Wiman p53, Wig-1 and PRIMA-1/APR-246

Anders Österborg Anders Österborg's group

Arne Östman Studies on tumor stroma