Core facilities – definition and access

Karolinska Institutet (KI) offers its scientific staff a wide range of core facilities for research, from registries and biobanks to the latest techniques in for example imaging and omics. By core facility we mean expensive equipment, resources, databases, installations or such, which has a defined form of operation and is not limited to an exclusive group of users.

A core facility can be locally administrated at KI or part of a regional, national or international infrastructure. The main part of our core facilities are supervised by the Infrastructure Council, and funded by the Faculty Board with co-funding from the Committee for Research and Education (FoUU) at the Karolinska University Hospital, Region Stockholm. Other important funders of research infrastructure at KI are the Swedish Research Council, the Wallenberg foundations and the Strategic Research Areas (SFO), the latter initiated directly by the Swedish Government.

Our core facilities are open to all researchers at KI, and to researchers from other academic institutions as well as within the health care system. To some extent, they are also available to commercial enterprises. Policies regarding services, access, fees and prioritization must follow the requirements specification for KI core facilities, decided by the former Board of Research. Core facilities at KI operate on a fee per service basis.

From core facilities listed at this website, clients should expect the following:

  • Information on what services and equipment the facility provides.
  • How to apply for/book a service, if there is a waiting list, and if so the expected delay of service.
  • Information on fees and routines for invoicing.
  • Information on visiting address, as well as the name and contact details to the scientific director, facility manager and/or staff.
  • A written agreement describing the services and experiments that you have ordered from the facility, as well as expected date for delivery and your own commitments as a client towards the facility. Or as an alternative, that the relationship between client and facility is described in detail at the facility’s website.
  • That the facility offers education and is open to communication on how to use equipment and/or interpret delivered results.
  • That the core facility provides services or devices to customers for a fee, without any demand of collaborations, co-authorship and the like.
  • Information on managing organisation of the facility, as well as main funders. KI core facilities are not permitted to be profit-driven; fees from clients should cover running-costs.
  • That rules and regulations concerning economy and administration, staff, safety, environment and ethics are being adhered to.


Single Point of Contact:

Questions on general administrative issues:

Mats Andersson, PhD, Scientific coordinator

Ingrid Wallenstein, Economist, Controller

Lena Lewin, PhD, Scientific coordinator


Academic representative:

Karin Dahlman-Wright, PhD, Professor