Core facilities – definition and access

Karolinska Institutet Core Facilities is an umbrella definition for service laboratories, infrastrucutres and competence resources for research located at this university or within the Stockholm County Council (SLL).

The main part of these core facilities are supervised and co-funded by KI’s Board of Research in collaboration with the local committees for research and education (FoUU) of the associated hospitals. However, some of our core facilities are managed and funded directly by a department or research centre, and KI is also a major partner in several national research infrastructures.

Access to the core facilities is open to all researchers at Karolinska Institutet and other academic institutions and also, to a limited extent, to commercial enterprises. Service laboratories and resource centres operate on a fee per service basis while competence centres aim to disseminate specific technologies and know-how on a collaborative basis. Policies regarding services, access, fees and prioritization vary by facility. 

Academic core facility coordinator

Associate Professor

Anna Falk

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 869 22


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