Group Leaders at the Department of Neuroscience

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The Department of Neuroscience incorporates research groups dealing with different aspects of the function of the nervous system, both under normal conditions and during different diseases.

Group leaders A-E

Group leader Laboratory Location
Konstantinos Ampatzis Ampatzis Laboratory Biomedicum, 4B
Christian Broberger Broberger Laboratory Biomedicum, 4B
Lennart Brodin Brodin Laboratory Biomedicum, 8B
Marie Carlén Carlén Laboratory Biomedicum, 4B
Andrea Carmine Belin Carmine Belin Laboratory Biomedicum, 7D
Sandra Ceccatelli Ceccatelli Laboratory Biomedicum, 7D
Roman Chrast Chrast Laboratory Biomedicum, 7D
Tatiana Deliagina Deliagina Laboratory Biomedicum, 4C
Rochellys Diaz Heijtz Diaz Heijtz Laboratory Biomedicum, 4C
Henrik Ehrsson Ehrsson Laboratory Biomedicum, 4D
Abdel El Manira El Manira Laboratory Biomedicum, 4B


Group leader Laboratory Location
Anna Falk Falk Laboratory Biomedicum, 7D
Gilberto Fisone Fisone Laboratory Biomedicum, 4C
Kaj Fried Fried Laboratory Biomedicum, 6D
Kjell Fuxe Fuxe Laboratory Biomedicum, 8B
Dagmar Galter Galter Laboratory  
Gunnar Grant Grant Laboratory  
Sten Grillner Grillner Laboratory Biomedicum, 4B
Tibor Harkany Harkany Laboratory Biomedicum, 7D
Eva Hedlund Hedlund Laboratory Biomedicum, 7D
Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski Hellgren Kotaleski Laboratory  
Ola Hermanson Hermanson Laboratory Biomedicum, 7D
Tomas Hökfelt Hökfelt Laboratory Biomedicum, 7D
Anna Josephson Josephson Laboratory  


Group leader Laboratory Location
Andreas Kardamakis Kardamakis Laboratory Biomedicum, 4B
Håkan Karlsson Karlsson Laboratory Biomedicum, 8B
Ole Kiehn Kiehn Laboratory Biomedicum, 4C
Torkel Klingberg Klingberg Laboratory Biomedicum, 4D
Krister Kristensson Kristensson Laboratory  
Francois Lallemend Lallemend Laboratory Biomedicum, 7D
Björn Meister Meister Laboratory Biomedicum, 8B
Konstantinos Meletis Meletis Laboratory Biomedicum, 4B
Lars Olson Olson Laboratory Biomedicum, 7D
Agneta Richter-Dahlfors Richter-Dahlfors Laboratory Biomedicum, 8B
Mårten Risling Risling Laboratory Biomedicum, 8B


Group leader Laboratory Location
Oleg Shupliakov Shupliakov Laboratory Biomedicum, 8B
Gilad Silberberg Silberberg Laboratory Biomedicum, 4B
Mathias Uhlén Uhlén Laboratory Biomedicum, 8B
Mats Ulfendahl Ulfendahl Laboratory Biomedicum, 8B
Brun Ulfhake Ulfhake Laboratory  
Fredrik Ullén Ullén Laboratory Biomedicum, 4D
Peter Århem and Johanna Nilsson Århem/Nilsson Laboratory  
Sven Ove Ögren Ögren Laboratory