KIPRIME podcast episode 7 - Anders Sondén

Understanding and improving clinical learning - approaching medical education research from problematic elements. An interview with Anders Sondén.

Anders Sondén
Anders Sondén. Photo: Erik Cronberg.

Anders Sondén trained and is still active as a surgeon in Stockholm, yet for many years he has devoted most of his time to medical education, being a clinical teacher, director of studies in undergraduate and postgraduate education, researcher, and educational leader.   

He is interested in the whole spectrum of medical education, with his prime focus in clinical sciences, especially workplace-based education, and he is dedicated to the understanding and improvement of uni and interprofessional workplace-based learning. Consequently, he’s been involved in several projects within medical education, from the course level, creating new learning activities, to the curriculum level in the development of the new medical programs at Karolinska Institutet.   

In this episode of the KIPRIME podcast, Anders talks to Alina Jenkins about his approach to the field of medical education research, where his research questions have often emanated from a problematic element in his work as a teacher, faculty member, or surgeon.   

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