KIPRIME podcast episode 17 - Meredith Young

How problems get solved in Health Professions Education – an interview with Dr Meredith Young.

Dr Meredith Young is an Associate Professor in the Institute of Health Sciences Education at McGill University in Montreal. She earned her PhD in cognitive psychology from McMaster University studying how individuals (both with and without medical expertise) think through a variety of complex problems in medicine. Her current work examines how problems get solved in Health Professions Education, and the assumptions that underpin what we think makes a good solution.

She explores this topic in three main areas:  

  1. issues related to reasoning or decision making in health
  2. issues of validity and assessment in Health Professions Education 
  3. issues related to the ways we conduct research in Health Professions Education.

Her work aims to make our understandings of key concepts in HPE more explicit in order to support productive dialogue to better support teaching, assessment, and scholarly practices. 

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