KIPRIME podcast episode 4 - Yoon Soo Park

The Impact of Validity Research on Innovative Assessments - An Interview with Yoon Soo Park.

Yoon Soo Park
Yoon Soo Park. Photo: Erik Cronberg.

Yoon Soo Park is an Educational Data Scientist and currently serves as Department Head and Ilene B. Harris Endowed Professor in the Department of Medical Education at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He trained at Columbia University, where he earned an MS in Applied Statistics and PhD in Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics. He began his career in the testing and assessment industry, working as an educational and operational statistician.   

In this episode of the KIPRIME podcast Yoon Soo talks to Alina Jenkins about his transition to working in the field of medical education research and his two key areas of research: applying validity research to guide innovative educational assessments and developing methodologies in learning analytics.  

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