KIPRIME podcast episode 8 - Sandra Monteiro

Breaking down assumptions in how we look at clinical reasoning – an interview with Dr Sandra Monteiro.

Sandra Monteiro
Sandra Monteiro. Photo: Erik Cronberg.

Dr Sandra Monteiro is a scientist in the McMaster University, faculty of health sciences program for education, research, innovation, and theory (known as MERIT). She has a faculty appointment in the faculty of health sciences, Department of Medicine, Division of Education and Innovation and a second appointment to the Centre for Simulation Based Learning as the Director of Simulation Scholarship. 

The foundation of her training is in cognitive psychology, and she is known internationally for her research program on clinical reasoning and her expertise in measurement principles and competency-based assessment.  

At McMaster University, she teaches and supervises students in various graduate programs, including Rehabilitation Sciences, Health Sciences Education and Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour. In 2021, she was recognised for her contributions to education and mentorship with a Canadian Association of Medical Education Meridith Marks New Educator Award. 

In this episode of the KIPRIME Podcast, Sandra talks to Alina Jenkins about working alongside one of the giants of medical education research, Geoff Norman, and her research into breaking down assumptions in how we look at clinical reasoning.  

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