KIPRIME podcast episode 10 - Nikolaos Christidis

From dentistry to pedagogical research – an interview with Nikolaos Christidis.

Photo of Nikolaos Christidis.
Nikolaos Christidis. Photo: Erik Cronberg.

Nikolaos worked as a dentist for seven years before becoming a senior consultant in orofacial pain in 2011. That year he was awarded nationally and internationally for his research on mechanisms and factors associated with human orofacial pain. 

In 2017 he became an associate professor and senior lecturer at the Karolinska Institutet. He was elected Vice president for the Neuroscience group in IADR (2022-2024) and recently became Programme Director for the Study programme in Dentistry.  
Alongside his research in orofacial pain, he focuses on pedagogical research, specifically investigating how learning is shaped within different national and international medical and teaching programmes.  
In this episode of the KIPRIME podcast, Nikolaos talks to Alina Jenkins about his inspiration to move towards medical education research and his focus on academic and professional writing.  

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