Past grant awardees

All SFO grants awardees from 2017 to 2020.


Junior grant 2020 awardees

  1. Eduardo Villablanca – Project title:  Identification of novel cellular and molecular mechanisms promoting intestinal stem cell-mediated tissue regeneration following injury. 
  2. Francois Lallemend – Project title:  Genetic control of neuronal survival: implications for cancer therapies
  3. Fredrik Lanner – Project title:  Treating diabetes with the use of genome engineered embryonic stem cells in the eye
  4. Makoto Sahara – Project title:  Human Cardiac Outflow Tract Cono-Ventricular Progenitors During Cardiogenesis and Congenital Heart Disease
  5. Maria Genander – Project title:  Redefining the esophageal stem cell niche – towards targeting of squamous cell carcinoma
  6. Ulrika Marklund – Project title:  Neuron Diversity Formation in the Enteric Nervous System as Basis for Regenerative Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disease
  7. Volker Lauschke – Title: Unravelling the molecular mechanisms underlying hepatopancreatic plasticity


Junior grant 2019 awardees

  1. Anna Rising – Project title:  Artificial spider silk for neural repair.
  2. Björn Högberg – Project title: Spatial Transcriptomics of a Stem Cell Niche Using DNA Microscopy. 

Senior grant 2019 awardees

  1. Yihai Cao – Project title:  Vascular stem cells in controlling brown adipose mass and functions.
  2. Thomas Perlmann - András Simon – Project title: Elucidating the regenerative potential of radial glia-like cells in the midbrain. 

Clinical grant 2019 awardees

  1. Anders Kvanta – Project title: Gene-edited embryonic stem cell-derived retinal cells for regenerative treatment of macular degeneration
  2. Petter Höglund – Project title: Acid stripping of platelet HLA class I: from basic studies to clinical use
    in platelet refractory patients with HLA antibodies
  3. Johanna Ungerstedt – Project title: Functional consequences of TET2 loss of function mutation in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, using chronic myelomonocytic leukemia (CMML) as a model disease


Junior grant 2018 awardees

  1. Andrei Chagin – Project title: A novel stem cell niche in the epiphyseal growth plate. 
  2. Olov Andersson – Project title: In vivo drug discovery for induction of β-cell neogenesisResearch group

Senior grant 2018 awardees

  1. Ernest Arenas – Project title: A reprogramming strategy to treat Parkinson’s disease.
  2. Sten Eirik Jacobsen – Project title: Cellular, molecular and clinical surveillance of clonal hematopoiesis during aging. 

Clinical grant 2018 awardees

  1. Andreas Björklund – Project title:  Development of allogeneic Natural Killer Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapy Against Myeloid Malignancies. 
  2. Niklas Björkström – Project title: Regeneration and hematopoiesis of the human liver 

Infrastructure grant 2018 awardee

  1. Rickard Sandberg – Project title: Eukaryotic Single-cell Genomics Facility


Junior grant 2017 awardees

  1. Martin Enge – Project title: Role of cancer stem cells and their stromal support niche in relapse of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. 
  2. Sidinh Luc – Project title: Epigenetic Profiling of Lineage-biased Hematopoietic Stem Cells.

Senior grant 2017 awardee

  1. Jonas Frysén – Project titel: Identification and characterization of cell lineages in regenerative medicine. Research group 

Infrastructure grant 2017 awardees

  1. Anna Falk – Project title:  A pre-clinical and clinical resource of GMP iPS cells for regenerative research
    iPS Core Facility
  2. Fredrik Lanner – Project title:  Clinical grade embryonic stem cells. 
  3. Per Uhlén – Project title: 3D imaging of whole tissues: Opening a new window into regenerative medicine. Research group
  4. Petter Woll – Project title: MedH Flow Cytometry Facility. Research group 
  5. Pontus Blomberg – Project title: Establishment of a Regulatory Support Function for the Development of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) Intended for Clinical Use. 
  6. Staffan Strömblad – Project title: Light sheet technology platform. Research group